Jesse and Anna Maxwell’s Wedding Pictures, Part 2

Today I’m excited to share the second installment of wedding pictures. Jesse and Anna were a radiant couple, their hearts centered on Jesus, as they made their vows before God and witnesses.

There is such anticipation which builds for a ceremony. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of joy and commitment.

Jesse and Anna planned special details such as both dads sharing, Anna’s mom and sisters doing music, friends also involved in music (and some from afar that pre-recorded it–very kind of them!), Jesse and Anna each spoke to their parents, sharing gratitude for how they raised them and all the investment.

Enjoy a peek into the ceremony and sendoff!

The groom ready!
In the back room before the ceremony.
Jesse talking with Dad and Mom
This is when it’s really feeling real!
Instead of unity candles, they chose sand, and it’s a beautiful picture of something that can’t be separated.
Jesse opened the ceremony, welcoming his guests and also sharing who was missing in the family.
Sweet dad/daughter time before walking down the aisle
Here she comes!
Pouring the sand together.
The radiant couple
Sharing to the parents
Praying together
Saying their vows
Their first kiss!
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Maxwell!
Jesse and Anna dismissed by rows.
Waiting for the sendoff

Part 3 will share bride and groom pictures from the park and then the family good-byes!

“House and riches are the inheritance of fathers:
and a prudent wife is from the LORD” (Proverbs 19:14).

7 thoughts on “Jesse and Anna Maxwell’s Wedding Pictures, Part 2”

  1. Can they be any more in love! Beautiful pictures. Anna is adorable. I love seeing the little kids there too! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Just noticed she didn’t wear a veil. Any reason why? She looked beautiful regardless!! Just a random question- what are those cubbie hole things in the church? Like where they put the sand? Is there usually something there? Sorry! Just curious!!! Jesse looks very handsome! I’m sure Anna thought so too!!! Lol! That is a very nice suit! Everyone looked handsome/beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m guessing just a personal preference. No idea what the cubby hole things are. They were originally going to use the bigger sanctuary but due to COVID and fewer guests, they used the smaller sanctuary.

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