Random Life from the Book Deadline to Autumn

Wow! Another month has flown by. The book is back from the copyeditor, and we’re in our final two weeks before going to press. I can’t wait to share more details with you next month!

Life stays busy here at the Maxwell home, and here is a peek at what’s been happening.

We enjoy seeing Christopher and Anna Marie’s family outside, so here Dad was spending some time with the little boys.
Birthday dinner with Betsy
Nathan’s crew has done some campaigning! How many of our blog readers have been helping out this fall?
Sunday family lunch: this crew included Joseph and John’s families
Axton and Kyle feeding Ellie treats. They like to use a little toy to give it to her.
I spent many hours on the back deck editing this August and September.
Right after my book went to the copyeditor, I watched Nathan and Melanie’s kiddos (except Debi), so they could have some time away. Isn’t this a cute capture?
Aunt Anna motivated Benji with a reward, and he met the goal!
Christopher and Anna Marie’s family picture
The illustrator works best off a picture, so here Betsy and I staged a picture. For those of you who get the book later, you’ll see how much changes from a photo to illustration. It’s a neat process to watch!
Doing school together.
Lunch helpers
Babysitting Axton and Elliott
Danny waiting for the mailman
This wasn’t staged.
Cousins Caleb and Debi
Tina giving Ellie a bath
Nathan and family made tons of applesauce.
Axton’s time with Grandma on Monday afternoons
Dad and Mom went to Joseph and Elissa’s to celebrate Calia’s birthday!
This girl is growing up!
John and Chelsy and boys came over for dinner and Bible time one evening
Mom and Dad have spent quite a bit of time doing Titus2 projects. Here Mom is packaging sticky tac, which goes in the Scheduling Kit for Managers of Their Homes.
Sunday lunch with Jesse and Anna: great times!

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might” (Ephesians 6:10).

8 thoughts on “Random Life from the Book Deadline to Autumn”

  1. I would love to know how Nathan and his family make applesauce in a roasting pan!

    Love the pictures.

    1. I think the roasting pan is just a carrier to get the applesauce from the kitchen to the basement for the actual canning. They do the canning on a propane campstove that they put outside the garage. The set up in the photo is the table in the garage for filling the jars. It looks like Abby might be testing temperature in the jars. I haven’t canned so I don’t know the process. I will try to remember to ask them sometime about the roaster’s purpose. Could the roaster be to keep the applesauce warm before it is put in the jars for the pressurizing?

      1. My family cooked our apples down and makes the applesauce in roasting pans and then puts it in the jars and cans it on the stove. By the way love the random life posts alot.

        1. Sounds like what Nathan must be doing. At least the photo looks that way. Sarah is so good to think about photos and be prepared to put together the random life blog posts.

  2. I have read every book that you have written, including Finding Change, and I can’t wait until your new book comes out!

    What is the next step after copyeditor?

    Praying for you.

    1. We’re laying out the book to give it that pretty and readable sparkle, illustrations are just about finished and then will be scanned and brought into InDesign, cover is getting final touches, and other details are falling into place before press.

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