Very Good News

Hopefully, we are concluding our quest to learn more about a subject we never wanted to be knowledgeable about—bed bugs. There has been a lot of activity since our last post. 

Here is my process, that included close inspection of each of these specific places and I believe covered every square inch of that room:

  1. Beds stripped
  2. Mattresses flipped
  3. Dust covering torn off the underside of box springs
  4. Dresser drawers emptied
  5. Baseboards checked
  6. Covers removed for light switches and power receptacles and then taped. (I will be applying a special dust inside them before I put the covers back on.)
  7. HVAC registers removed and then sealed.
  8. Meticulously vacuumed.
  9. Everything that could be cycled through the dryer went for an hour on heat.
  10. Things that weren’t needed were bagged and went to the attic.
  11. Bedding was washed, dried, and stored in another room.
  12. Finally used a heater to heat the room to 120 degrees for 3 hours.

In all my inspections, I did not find a single bed bug. I was happy not to, but then the question was: Where did the first one come from? They can live a long time between meals. Could it be possible that just one was carried in? 

Still to have a high degree of confidence that some weren’t lurking somewhere in that room or elsewhere in the house, we employed a trained K-9 bed bug hunter to “sniff” the house. The little beagle was disappointed not to find any bed bugs since he gets treats when he does, but we were pleased that he didn’t.

Taking a rest after working real hard.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them
that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28

20 thoughts on “Very Good News”

  1. Any library books in that room? I found a bedbug once and went through roughly the same process to clean out that room. In conclusion, I decided that maybe it arrived in the stack of library books I’d just brought home. I have pretty much switched to reading on my Kindle.

  2. Oh! These photos with the little beagle are so sweet. I am glad that God is answering prayer and there are no more. He works in mysterious ways. Through your willingness to share this, many will now know what to do with a calm approach. Thank you!

    1. We were blessed that the Lord allowed us catch it early, it appears. If Anna hadn’t seen and identified the one she did, who knows what might have happened as far as a later infestation of them. It would be great if our experience helped others in the future.

  3. Thank you for all the information!!!
    So sorry you had to do all that, but it was for the best.

    I can’t imagine there will still be any after all that.

    God Bless!!!

  4. That is wonderful news! So glad none were found and you’ve gotten to the other side of this trial. I’m sure you’re all very grateful. Hopefully life can return to normal now!

  5. Will you tell us more about the dog & how he ‘works’? How did you even know about such a service? Very interesting. Such good news!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Teri is the one who found them when searching for information. Simply search for K9 bed bug detection and you will find links.

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