Anna Marie’s September Update

Happy Monday, y’all! Today Anna Marie’s sharing an update on how they’re doing. —Sarah

Hello Everyone,

Autumn is arriving here in Leavenworth! I love waking to the cool morning air, the golden brown leaves fluttering to the ground and sprinkling the deck and yard with nature’s confetti. In addition to family life at home—school, work, yard work, etc.— we have enjoyed some family adventures like going on little hikes at nearby Weston, having a picnic dinner at a site where Abraham Lincoln gave a speech (I love how we can bring our history studies to life like that!), and special games Christopher thinks up to play in the backyard with the children. Also, he and Joshua have done fall lawn rejuvenation for a few years now, and just spent a couple Saturdays doing that. Folks enjoy having this great father/son team work in their yard, and I love how Christopher includes Joshua in their little business!

While we are enjoying the beautiful weather here, though, our hearts go out to all those affected by the wildfires out west. My family (in Washington) is safe, and we are grateful for the rain that cleared the hazardous air conditions that were keeping them inside.

The change of seasons reminds me of the life seasons we are going through. As much as I sometimes wish I could go back to a previous season, this is the season God has us in right now. I want so much to not only be content in it, but to embrace and cherish it for the opportunities of spiritual growth and relationship-building in concentrated family time. Each season has its own beauty and ways of glorifying God if we will humbly accept it. That’s not to say it’s always easy, and I have definitely had emotional ups and downs along the way. I think reaching the point of admitting “I can’t do this” is right where God wants me—not continuing that train of thought in despair, but realization of my need for constant reliance on Him.

The children have been remembering last September when we were treating head lice. While that was certainly not a “season” I would have chosen, it’s cute to hear them talking about it and to realize what special memories we all have of that time. I know we will cherish many special memories of the season of life God has given us right now and I want to be content and thankful. I’m so blessed to have this time surrounded by my sweet little family!

I met a precious young mom at one of my treatment facilities and we quickly became friends, keeping in contact via text. I was grieved when I received a text recently from her husband letting me know she passed away; while I know it is glory for her, our hearts ache for her husband and three young children left behind. Goodbyes are a sad reality of gaining many sweet friends in cancer treatment; but I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have had to get to know these brothers and sisters in Christ and am grateful that He crosses our paths to encourage each other in Him! And I’m again reminded to cherish these days with my family because, cancer or not, none of us knows how much longer we have on earth. May we be faithful with every moment!

I’m continuing the Thursday afternoon treatments of targeted therapy every three weeks and Vitamin C IV’s weekly. A sweet neighbor of ours has been bringing dinner for us on my treatment day which is such a blessing as I usually get home right at dinner time; and we are thankful for Christopher’s flexibility in work hours since we aren’t having anyone over to help with childcare these days due to caution with exposure to any illness. Speaking of which…

We asked my oncologist about my immune system and his thoughts on social interactions. He said it’s not just about blood counts, but also how far out from chemo I am. For 3-6 months following chemo, he said my immune system will be compromised because my body will still be working to recover. So, for now, we are keeping on what we’ve been doing: being cautious, avoiding unnecessary shopping or being indoors with others, and grateful for the lovely weather to visit outside at a distance!

Since I generally prefer staying at home anyway, it’s not too great a hardship right now. 🙂 Mom Maxwell is doing most of our grocery shopping for us, which is a blessing, and she has helped us remotely in other practical ways like ironing clothes and cooking/freezing meat so it’s ready to add to soups, beans, etc. Abigail and others have blessed us with freezer meals, too. And I’m blessed by Christopher and the children’s willingness to help out and enable me to get more rest these days.

Thank you all again for your ongoing support and encouragement! I hope you are enjoying your beginning of fall and cozier days with your families!

Anna Marie

“For who is God save the LORD? or who is a rock save our God?
It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.” Psalm 18:31-32


19 thoughts on “Anna Marie’s September Update”

  1. Lovely to hear from you Anna Marie.
    Thank you for the update.
    We send our love and blessings to you all

  2. You are such an encouragement to me. I wish that when I was your age I was as mature in my faith as you. You and your family are in my prayer every day.

  3. Thank you Anna Marie for the beautiful post. I think you have a special gift, and have encouraged me greatly by it. Praying many blessings for you and your dear family!

  4. Thank you for your post, Anna-Marie. It was very encouraging for me. Still praying for you all!
    Blessings from Europe

  5. Loveley to hear from you! The Vitamin C sounds very good – have you looked into supplementing other Vitamins like Vit. D. (+Magnesia and Vit. K) and B12? I heard they can be very helpfull with various illnesses.
    Sending good thoughts from Germany!

    1. Hi Nina,
      Do you know of any good baptist churches near Hanover? My family lives in Canada, but we go to visit them every few years.

    2. Hi Nina, thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I’m taking those and some other things under the oversight of my naturopathic oncologist.

  6. Thank you Anne Marie again for the encouragement and letting your light shine in a dark world!! You are a wonderful testimony for the Lord. The Lord is using you greatly. Continuing to pray for you and your family.

  7. Anna Marie it is so wonderful to hear that you are doing relatively well and staying safe. One thing I want to say is when you have a moment of self-doubt as we all do, you know the one, am I doing enough for my children, am I taking too many naps (which are needed to gain strength) and leaving the children. Just look at those smiles, especially of Simon Peter who was born right before your treatment began. Your children look happy and content and that is all you can ask. I had those doubts years ago when my husband was sick with complications of diabetes. When he passed our son was 9 and our twin girls were 8. I worried constantly about them and what a toll, if any, it was having on them. And you know what, because we kept the lines of communication open they came through it just fine. All three are in college, thanks to hard work and of course Jesus!! I am impressed every day by your tenacity and strength. I pray every night for you and your family. With Love, Catherine

  8. Thank you for update and lovely descriptions of the fall season. You are a great Mom, wife, friend to all. I have you in my prayers.

  9. Thanks for the update! Your faith is such an encouragement to me. And you are right, none of us knows how many days we have before God takes us home! I think of you often and pray for you. I’m so glad you are together with husband and children again!

  10. Thank you for taking time to update about your health and family. I praise God for your beautiful testimony. May God continue to grow each of you thru this season.

  11. So glad to hear how things are going for you and your family. You always encourage me and others. Praying for you.

  12. Anna, thank you for the update and for sharing your heart so beautifully and vulnerably. I am so sorry to learn of your friend’s passing. And thank you for your acknowledgement of those of us in areas affected by the fires (I’m glad your family is safe; I’m in LOs Angeles and safe as well, but concerned for my neighbors and our environment and appreciate your prayers). You’re such a blessing to your family and loved ones. I admire your kindness whenever I read something from you and think of you often, hoping you’re healing and staying in good spirits. Much love from California!

  13. Hi Anna Marie,

    I cried when I read this update – I know you are in the Master’s hands, but I feel deeply for the anguish you have suffered through this time. Oh, how your fruit is reaching far! You inspired me and my children to join Scripture Memory Fellowship!
    Remember how Gideon’s small company had their vessels broken and the bright lights shone. May you be ever experiencing His peace and finding His grace with you every day you wake. He is so near to you each and all!

    Sarah NZ

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