Labor Day Get-Together

Happy Monday, y’all! We wanted to share pictures from our big family get-together on Labor Day. It turned out warm and wonderful, and the backyard rang with laughter and good fellowship. We’re happy to have Anna Marie back with us.

We’re grateful for family who loves the Lord Jesus and each other.

Dad and Mom put a lot of work into our BBQ, and a special thanks to Gigi for providing it!

We’re excited to share wedding pictures very soon. Hopefully this week depending on my schedule. I’m so grateful to the Lord for His grace during this intense season of working on my book. Saturday afternoon, I emailed it to our copyeditor!


Dad played lots of Frisbee with the kids.
This looks like a lot of action at the food table.
Kyle reminds me so much of Joseph when he was a little guy.

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore
sober, and watch unto prayer” (1 Peter 4:7).

10 thoughts on “Labor Day Get-Together”

  1. How enjoyable to see such a lovely family with happy smiling faces!
    You have such a beautiful garden, with lots of room to play.
    Who ever cuts the grass does a great job!
    Love and every blessing to you all

    1. Steve is the lawn mower! We have learned in Europe what we call a yard or lawn in the U. S. you call a garden. When we had friends from Austria visit last summer, it took us a while to figure that out both ways as they talked about our garden when we didn’t think we had a garden. And then when that worked itself out, we realized their discussion of their garden at home was about their grass not their vegetables!

  2. It’s a very exciting time for you with your book! Thank you for sharing the pictures from your family get-together. It looks like everyone had fun, and it’s great to see Anna Marie there with her beautiful smile. So nice to see the family enjoying time together.

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