What Kids Say

At our big Labor Day get-together, the backyard was full of happy activity.


Jesse’s Anna was playing Frisbee with Danny, and often, she had to run quite a ways to retrieve it. But she was good-natured, thinking you can’t expect much skill out of a four-year-old. Later to her surprise, Danny announced to her: “I like to throw it far to watch you run!”

Silly little kids.

Shortly after, he threw it to her with accuracy. 🙂

“In God we boast all the day long,
and praise thy name for ever. Selah.”
(Psalm 44:8)

16 thoughts on “What Kids Say”

  1. Hahaha! Soo funny!
    Sometimes I wish I could write down every little cute thing that my children have said over the years. I have realized that God put those words in their mouths to make my day happier and to be thankful that He knows how to lift my attitude during the long days.

    1. I never felt I had time to write those things down either, but today I wish I had made time. There are a few things we remember, probably because we rehearsed them regularly from the time they were said – but not many.

      1. I have frequently written them down in my cookbooks, or other things I knew I’d open periodically and be pleasantly surprised to find.

      2. There’s a really cute book called “My Quotable Kid” that is pre-formatted to record cute things. I took it on vacation & kept it in the kitchen to jot things down. My kids called it the funny book. It’s a cute gift.

  2. Something I have tried to do the last few years is… I made an email draft to myself, and listed all my kid’s names on it… and when one of the kids says/does something funny or special, I use my phone normally to hop on the draft and type it out real quick. If I don’t have time right then, sometimes I remember a few things at once. After a few months, I copy and paste my draft into Word and also add a short write up about each kid’s favorites at that time, and maybe a paragraph or two about special things we did as a family those months, and prayers God has answered. I have a binder ready and print it off and add it to our binder. The kids LOVE to read through all of our past entries!

  3. Ha! Too cute! I wish I’d kept track of all the funny/cute things my three said when they were little too. The ones we remember are the ones we still talk and laugh about.

    I’ve been thinking about Anna Marie’s family in Oregon with the wildfires that are burning there. I hope and pray they are safe and not near any of them.

  4. Thanks for posting Sarah! Our family was just talking and realizing we haven’t seen y’all in a while. If y’all are ever in the area, we would love to host you. We need to catch up! Hope y’all are well. I always enjoy seeing the titus 2 posts. Love and bless!
    Jesse B.

    1. Thank you for the invite. Yes, it has been a long time, Jesse. We used to see each other every year or two. We still remember the first night your dad was at our house for dinner when he was in our area on business. We lived in our old house, had our instruments set up for music practice all over the living room, and were heading out on a trip soon. But that was the beginning of a sweet friendship between our families, history, and memories through the ensuing years.

      1. Thank you for your kind words, Mrs Maxwell! Yes, dad has told that story to me several times. We are grateful for our friendship over the years. Blessings.

  5. So cute!! I too wish I took the time to jot down more… I have a few written down and it absolutely warms my heart to think back to those years. p.s I don’t often comment but I enjoy reading your blog – such a breath of fresh air!

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