Step by Step Plan to Start the Homeschool Year

A new school homeschool year can present formidable challenges when the anticipated first day of school ends up disappointingly overloaded, stressed, and frustrating.

This is a simple way to avoid that. Break that first day of school into smaller, more reasonably sized activities that you do before you actually want to begin your bookwork.

See how Melanie did her homeschooling startup this year.

  1. On Thursday, the children received school surprises and set up their school books.
  2. On Friday, Melanie had individual meetings with each child to discuss the school year, what their schedule would look like, and how they would move through it each day with their assignments.
  3. Monday was the “real” first day of school, and they were ready to follow their school and do their actual school work.

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Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 5:20).

7 thoughts on “Step by Step Plan to Start the Homeschool Year”

  1. Thanks for sharing this advice and the pictures – they made me smile! I’m all done with homeschooling, but it still warms my heart to see parents doing it with joy!

  2. My oldest son is beginning first grade this year, and we were planning to start after Labor Day. But last Saturday we had the delightful surprise of finding out we had a baby on the way! I realized that if we’ll be taking off time in the spring, Lord-willing, when the baby comes, then we had better start right away to fit in the required 180 days. So we jumped right in! It ended up being so wonderful, easing into our school year suddenly but joyfully, not feeling the pressure to start everything all at once, but beginning with the core subjects and slowly adding things in as we figured out what routine worked. And it was all for such a special reason!

    I have also been encouraged by what I read in Managers of Their Schools–that the first couple weeks, training character and habits is more important than getting everything done. I’ve definitely been keeping that in mind the past couple weeks.

    As a side note, three years ago in a comment I mentioned our struggle with infertility, and Sarah responded with a promise to pray. I was able to report not long afterward that God had heard our prayers. That baby is now two, and now we are expecting this baby, who, medically speaking, should not exist. We are grateful!

    1. Wow, T, the further I read the more I praised the Lord – for your pregnancy, for being flexible and starting school earlier than you planned, that Managers of Their Schools could be an encouragement to you, and then that you have one child and another pregnancy since struggling with infertility – and that we got to pray for you. Rejoicing with you!!

  3. Wonderful post. I’m just beginning my 26th year homeschooling (with 10 more to go). I find your homeschooling posts very inspirational.

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