Random Life From the Different Summer to Settling In

This summer was different than the last several. Anna and Mary are usually gone for ministry (4-8 weeks). And the County Fair was canceled. Then, basically every day, Mom, Anna, or Mary was over helping at Christopher’s a lot of the time.

We welcomed Elliot Rex shortly after our last Random Life. There’s not a lack of people ready to hold him, and John and Chelsy love to share the little fellow. It’s such a joy to have our lives abundantly blessed with the next generation!

Even though COVID seems to have canceled many things and made life so different, our summer has been full.

We have some interesting things to share soon, so stay tuned! God is gracious, and we’re grateful for His leading in our lives.


Anna and Mary took the kids on a walk to listen for the tornado siren test–something Joshua especially is interested in. Then, on the way home, they had a snack party. My sisters are creative!
Little helper
Birthday girl (on a birthday picnic at aunties’ park)!
Mom meeting Elliot
Dad meeting him
Gigi was so delighted that John and Chelsy named Elliot Rex after Grandad (Rex)
A game of Bananagrams
Anna cut a lot of little fingernails and toenails during the season of Anna Marie being away.
I’m sure I’ve never seen her do this before on the railing, and I’m not sure what made her do this.
Saturday work project
Every Friday, Mom went over and cleaned at Christopher’s!
Father’s Day Crew
Father’s Day
Baby snuggles
Axton has his playtime with Grandma every Monday, and now Elliot joins him too.
We enjoyed dinner with the newlyweds.
The girls brought their wedding gifts. Mary gave them an ice cream maker (Jesse is refined-sugar free and loves homemade ice cream), and Anna gifted them with Christmas decorations (a tradition she has done for the last several brothers).
Anna Marie with her family the night before she came home. They invested so much in her treatments as well! Her dad took her to all her appointments, and her mom and sister helped with Simon Peter and her food preparation!
You never know when you might babysit kiddos so their parents can have an evening out. Here Mom is with all of Nathan and Melanie’s crew.
Making the Welcome Home sign for Anna Marie.
It’s what everyone says, but I guess mask-wearing is the new norm–even at the zoo.
A great evening with John and Chelsy!
A launch-the-website treat!
Anna Marie is enjoying her walks with Gigi again!
Those of us who would normally be available to help haven’t been lately, and we needed Chore books compiled. Dad and Mom took some time and made a great team working together.
Organizing in the attic
Nathan and crew enjoyed several days away in Missouri
Dad’s birthday dinner
These two. They both wanted in Dad’s office, and the reason why. They wanted treats. But Dad needed some peace and quiet.

“Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same
things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe.”
Philippians 3:1

25 thoughts on “Random Life From the Different Summer to Settling In”

  1. Such a wonderful family! May I ask what kind of dog is the white one,Ellie? Such a beautiful color! Happy to see Anna Marie doing so well!!

  2. I so enjoy your random life posts! I know this is the time of year you have traveled to Colorado in the past, but many things certainly are very different this year. It’s nice to see people getting together with families in small groups again and going to outdoor places such as the zoo, parks, etc. I love the picture of Ellie & Arnold! I always look forward to reading your posts.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, we love it when it works out to go to Colorado! 🙂 I know some of the readers enjoy Ellie and Arnold so I try to make sure I have one or two in there. The other day, I caught them waiting outside Dad’s office. Pretty funny!

  3. YAY!!! Love the random post. Thank you for taking time to put it together, Sarah! So many fun summer memories!! 🙂 🙂

  4. What a nice post. I just love the way you all step up for each other when it is needed. Stay well.

  5. It looks like wonderful times!!
    I think it’s really lovely to live so close to family.

    Was it the Kansas City Zoo? I was hoping to go this fall. I took my children to the Rolling Hills Zoo (Salina) and we didn’t have to wear the masks outdoors.
    Although you are to have one for indoors.

    Thanks for the post. I love your random life

  6. Sarah, this Random Life picture is great, is always! I just have one problem with it-there aren’t enough pictures of you in it, as always! Please let your family take more pictures of you for next time! The children are all growing so quickly and are so cute. I’m so glad to see Anna Marie enjoying her walks with Gigi again, and her family seems so sweet.

  7. I love your random life posts! The picture of Ellie and Arnold outside your Dad’s office door is so cute.

  8. Thanks for all the uplifting encouragement in seeing your family’s life. I know we only see parts of it. Thank you for your example of helping each other and serving one another!!! Such a blessing!!!!

  9. I love this post!!!! Keep doing random post!! And I also love your shirt you have on in the launch -the -website -treat. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get it from? I have been looking for modest classic shirts like those. And I love white! Thanks in advance!

  10. Cute photos! I wanted to make you aware that dog attacks are on the rise and I do hope that you have some form of self defense as you walk with all those little ones. I didn’t realize how common it has become and wouldn’t want anything to happen to those deer ones.

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