Anna Marie Update: Delayed Trip Home

Anna Marie shares her update which is a twist no one wanted, but we trust the Lord! Love, Sarah

Anna Marie and Simon Peter

Well, we faced another delay yesterday. My platelets (the blood cells responsible for clotting) dropped significantly this past week to the point that it was safest to hold off on one of the chemo medications (the one that particularly impacts those blood cells). My oncologist said that typically those blood levels would climb back up fairly quickly after not getting that drug this week, and so he would anticipate my levels being good enough next week to get that final dose and then able to fly home on Friday, the 24th. Though disappointed with the extra week, I can’t say I was really surprised because I’ve been getting nosebleeds randomly this week, and my parents have especially been noticing my energy levels are lower, too.

Because I was able to get all my other chemo today, he said it was up to us if we wanted to just skip the last dose of that one and fly home this Friday as previously planned. However, as we were working through the decision, the oncologist estimated that it comprised about 5%-10% of the efficacy of the treatment. While he said that is somewhat low, it still seemed significant enough to us that we felt it would be best to get it. A whole lot of time and effort, by a whole lot of people, has gone into making this treatment not just “an option,” but helping it be as successful as it can be. We don’t want to negatively impact the results or, later on, wonder about that last dose. Many who are here at the clinic are getting 16 or 24-week treatment courses, so with me getting only 12 weeks, we want it to be complete.

So once again, we find ourselves with more opportunities to trust God through changing circumstances. The sermon on Sunday at my family’s church was from 2 John, on the topic of evaluating the treasure and joy of your heart. “What brings you joy tells you what you have been living for.”

Since hearing that, the song “Jesus, Priceless Treasure” has been ringing in my mind. Written in a time of trial and turmoil by one who was acquainted with suffering, the words have tremendous depth of truth and are perfect for helping “talk my spirit” into a place of rest and joy in Christ; for those who love the Father still have peace within, whatever storms may gather—in any age.

Jesus, priceless treasure,
Fount of purest pleasure,
Truest friend to me:
Ah, how long in anguish
Shall my spirit languish,
Yearning, Lord, for thee?
Thine I am, O spotless Lamb!
I will suffer naught to hide thee,
Naught I ask beside thee.

In thine arms I rest me;
Foes who would molest me
Cannot reach me here.
Though the earth be shaking,
Ev’ry heart be quaking,
Jesus calms my fear.
Lightnings flash and thunders crash;
Yet, though sin and hell assail me,
Jesus will not fail me.

Satan, I defy thee;
Death, I now decry thee;
Fear, I bid thee cease.
World, thou shalt not harm me
Nor thy threats alarm me
While I sing of peace.
God’s great pow’r guards ev’ry hour;
Earth and all its depths adore him,
Silent bow before him.

Hence with earthly treasure!
Thou art all my pleasure,
Jesus, all my choice.
Hence, thou empty glory!
Naught to me thy story,
Told with tempting voice.
Pain or loss or shame or cross
Shall not from my Saviour move me,
Since he deigns to love me.

Hence, all fear and sadness!
For the Lord of gladness,
Jesus, enters in.
Those who love the Father,
Though the storms may gather,
Still have peace within.
Yea, whate’er I here must bear,
Thou art still my purest pleasure,
Jesus, priceless treasure.

Johann Franck, 1655; Tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1863

And again, we are so thankful for all our family’s support since this is one more week further from getting to a more normal routine. My sister will be flying home with Simon Peter and me when we come home, and staying for about a week. She’s been with us for four out of six months of Peter’s life, so I am guessing he will appreciate her familiar face as he transitions back to life as a sixth born instead of an only child. 😉 We don’t know what the future looks like beyond that but are so grateful for our huge support network through this time—my family, Christopher’s family, neighbors, friends, and our worldwide prayer support. We love and are grateful for all of you!
Anna Marie

“I rejoiced greatly that I found of thy children walking in truth,
as we have received a commandment from the Father.” 2 John 4

14 thoughts on “Anna Marie Update: Delayed Trip Home”

  1. Dearest Anna Marie,
    Thank you for this update. I’m sorry how disappointing this delay is for you and your family back home. Below are two hymns that the Lord brought before me for your comfort and encouragement. They can be sung to the same tunes as ‘I Love To Tell The Story’ and ‘Work,For The Night Is Coming’.
    ‘O Lamb of God, still keep us
    Close to Thy pierced side;
    ‘Tis only there in safety
    And peace we can abide.
    With foes and snares around us,
    And lusts and fears within,
    The grace that sought and found us,
    Alone can keep us clean.

    ‘Tis only in Thee hiding
    We feel ourselves secure;
    Only in Thee abiding
    The conflict can endure;
    Thine arm the victory gaineth
    O’er every hateful foe;
    Thy love our hearts sustaineth,
    In all their cares and woe.

    Soon shall our eyes behold Thee
    With rapture, face to face,
    And, resting there in glory,
    We’ll sing Thy power and grace.
    Thy beauty, Lord, and glory,
    The wonders of Thy love,
    Shall be the endless story
    Of all Thy saints above.’
    ~ The Little Flock #318 ~

    ‘Our wants are known to Jesus;
    All fulness dwells in Him:
    He healeth all diseases
    Who did our souls redeem.
    We tell our griefs to Jesus,
    Our burdens and our cares
    He from them all releases,
    Who all our sorrows shares.’
    ~ The Little Flock #319,stanza 2 ~

    Thank you for your sweet spirit in all of these chemo treatments. Your sweet and cheerful spirit beautifully reflects Christ as He’s strengthened you to submit to His leading in your life.

    How loving-kind is our Saviour to have let your family live so close by where your treatments have been. Certainly a blessing in disguise in all this! The Lord DOES care about the little details :).

    Thank you for sharing in one of your posts about how we each are a ‘missionary’ in the corner of the world He has placed us to shine for Christ. That thought has stayed with me and been an encouragement! Thanks, Anna Marie. Your poems have been beautiful too! I sent one of them to my sister when she was in the hospital with kidney failure following the birth of her and her husband’s second born but now, thank the Lord, much improved with no more need for dialysis.

    A verse from the Lord for you, “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is (Anna Marie’s) STRENGTH and (Anna Marie’s) SONG; he also is become my salvation.” ~ Isaiah 12:2 KJV ~

    Perhaps your trial will lead lost souls, patients and doctors and nurses, to a living Christ!

    Praying for you and looking forward with you when you can be re-united with your loved ones in Kansas. SUCH a blessing
    Peter’s been privileged to be with you out there! So glad your sister plans to accompany you home, Lord willing!
    With much love in Christ,
    Colleen F from Middleport, NY

    1. What a beautiful note you have written to Anna Marie. Oh how I wish I knew Christians like you in “real life.” Your obvious love of the Lord moved me.

  2. Yes, your virtual family is in prayer! We remain steadfast daily in prayer for you and your precious family! God is wonderfully faithful – you continue to be a picture of God’s grace to us all! He is rebuilding you to become more like Jesus; we are his restoration projects. Amos 9:11 Thank you Holy Spirit for transforming us day-by-day! Love to you all from VA.

  3. Thank you, Anna Marie, for taking time to share updates.

    They encourage my heart. I really enjoy reading the words of the hymns you have shared along this journey.

    May God bless you.

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your family continues to be a source of encouragement to me. We will continue to remember you in our family prayer time.

  5. Hang in there…I also agree a wise decision but I’m sure it was difficult. I think and pray for you often.

  6. We were thinking of you around our dinner table last night, wondering if you had passed the finish line yet – now we know what to pray at this time. We feel your disappointment with you but know that things beyond our understanding are in store for each of you walking through this, things too wonderful for us to predict, work out, or imagine.


  7. We will continue to pray for you and your family. What a beautiful scenic view in your pictures.

  8. Dear Anna-Marie,
    still praying for you from Europe! Thank you for your updates that always encourage me to deepen my trust in our Lord’s goodness and wise Providence, no matter what.
    Blessings for you and all your family,

  9. I am constantly encouraged (and often convicted!) by your updates, especially by your gentle and quiet spirit through all the ups and downs. Thank you for sharing so openly. I am praying for you and your family!

  10. Anna Marie, So sorry to hear about this delay! Thank you for the update. We are praying for you all!
    I was reading Psalm 34 this morning: vs 4 “I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.”
    vs 5 “Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.”
    vs 9 “Oh, fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him have no lack!”
    These promises blessed my heart this morning! As you trust and fear the Lord you will have no lack! He KNOWS. He knows it all. Keep trusting Him as you wait to get back home! We will be praying!

  11. So sorry to hear you have to delay your trip home. But I also think you made a very wise decision to stay and take your last treatment. You are right that you have come so far on this journey and it wouldn’t make sense to cut it short. I almost wish you could stay with your family for about 2 weeks after your last treatment, just to get your strength back before you go home. But I know you must be homesick and miss Christopher and your kids so bad!! I continue to pray for you!!!

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