Random Life from Not Normal to Resuming Normal

How does one sum up 8 weeks of “not normal”? Combine that with Anna Marie being in treatment, Mom, Anna, and Mary spending tons of time helping at Christopher’s, and a brother who was preparing to get married! That’s not to mention the obvious stay-at-home mandate for Kansas until about a month ago.

I’m so grateful for the “extra” time staying at home afforded. The absence of getting together with others and outside activities helped me to focus on my book. I love watching the story unfold in first draft, and Lord willing, by the end of the month, I’ll be on to editing.

These past 8 weeks we enjoyed church (praise the Lord!) gorgeous outdoor activities, lots of walks (and runs!), garden work, Titus2 projects, the wedding trip, book writing, work, errands, and time to make special memories.

We’re thankful Anna Marie completed chemo round 7 (of 12) yesterday. That’s a huge praise!

With all the changes happening everywhere, we can rest in God’s steadfast love.


Debi is adorable!
During COVID, Nathan joined the ranks of working from home.
Garden work with Anna: you should have seen all the littles roaming around the yard, some playing and some helping during the process
Betsy, Ellie, and I enjoying a brisk spring walk
Abby made Anna Marie a hat and then a matching one for Elizabeth
Picnic with Chelsy and Axton
Picnic and then running around near where we did our family photo session
Mary and Anna trade off helping in the evenings
Mom cleaning out the van after Dad made a trip to the printer to pick up book reprints!
Anna usually has a little following of kiddos wherever she goes 🙂
Anna and Mary doing a workout in the backyard while the kids played. Creative!
The Missouri River one morning when Nathan and I were on a run.
Keeping Christopher’s family supplied with good food!
Outdoor church on Mother’s Day, and yes, it was chilly! We’re so happy to be now indoors for services.
Can you figure out what it is?
Lovin’ wearin’ Aunt Anna’s rain boots!
Mom is so faithful to homeschool the children.
Lydia’s birthday night at Grandpa and Grandma’s
Christopher’s birthday party (Anna Marie was so missed!)
Walking buddy!
Joshua doing a work project with Dad
Nathan and Melanie’s crew enjoying nature trails near their rental for Jesse’s wedding
Day before the wedding a run was in order along a beautiful area for we girls
Christopher’s VRBO was on a hobby farm, so the kids loved the animals.
Family get together after the wedding Saturday
Yes, so the wedding day ended with some drama. Mary hurt her foot (a swing broke and everyone on it basically landed on her foot). Urgent care did an x-ray and found it to be bruised and not broken. Such a huge praise! She was still on crutches for several days following and then went to being able to walk without them. She limps but it’s improved a lot.
Christopher flew out the day after he got home from the wedding to visit Anna Marie. They were so happy to be together! Anna, along with Mary when she could, watched all the kids.
Uno DOS is the new game they like.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh
down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness,
neither shadow of turning” (James 1:17).

18 thoughts on “Random Life from Not Normal to Resuming Normal”

  1. Well this is a fun update! Poor Mary though, hope all is well soon!

    I’m gonna guess the creature is a snail who lost its shell! Never seen anything like it.

    Garden boxes looking good. Due to back issues my son built me some 2 ft tall. Surely makes it easier too!

    Glad to hear the book is coming along. We too got many projects moving along during “stay home”. I was somewhat happy to be forced home more! LOL!

    Blessings ya’ll!

  2. Remember, the virus isn’t over just because they’ve lifted restrictions. You still have to be careful, especially Anna Marie.

  3. Is that a picture of some kind of caterpillar?
    I always enjoy your family updates; looking forward to seeing more wedding pictures of Jesse and Anna!

    1. Courtney,

      You are correct on it being a caterpillar! I’m still working through wedding pictures. It’ll be a process as I’m juggling everything else. 🙂


  4. You all look so happy together.. it’s lovely for children to be around all the different generations. Anna and Mary are doing a grand job with their nieces and nephews .. Anna Marie must be relieved to see how well her children are doing.

  5. I always enjoy these posts so much. It looks like Anna Marie and Christopher’s children are being so well cared for, and all the children are growing so quickly! What a blessing for everyone to be close together to serve and love on each other. Continued prayers for Anna Marie, and also for Mary’s foot to be back to 100% soon.

  6. Your lives are certainly full! Thanks for posting.

    Aww, Mary. That had to hurt! Thank God it wasn’t broken. Glad you’re starting to feel better. I sprained my ankle once, and my sister and friends enjoyed it because they spent so much time playing with my crutches!

    Glad Anna Marie is getting through the chemo! That has to be rough on them being apart like this, even though I know they are all surrounded by much love.

    We’re dealing some family drama here too. Mom’s sister, my aunt who we’re very close to, is in the hospital and not doing well! There is a slight possibility she could recover, but she is so weak and sick right now-chances are very slim-, only by a miracle if she pulls through this.

    Glad you all are safe.

    Love, Rebecca

    1. Rebecca,

      I’m sorry about your aunt. I’m sure it is very, very difficult and brings back memories from two years ago. Praying for you!


  7. Is the bug a stick bug? I`m glad that Mary`s foot is feeling better! I got Uno DOS for my birthday and my sister and I enjoy playing it.

  8. Love all the pictures, you have been so busy.
    Hope Mary will be feeling better soon and Anna Marie of course we are praying for too.
    When is Chelsey and Johns baby due, we are praying all goes well for a safe and quicker delivery!
    Lots of love to you all

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