Anna, Anna, and Anna — Maxwell That is

The three Annas on wedding day!

Some may want to know how we plan to identify another Anna in the family to help keep confusion down amongst the Maxwell Annas. We don’t know yet! 

When Christopher married his Anna, through family discussion, Anna Marie was suggested. She concurred, and so it was.

We have some options concerning Jesse’s Anna and while no specific one has been discussed yet, one may work itself into use. The newest Anna Maxwell (see it is confusing already) would like her aunt name to be Tia Anna rather than Aunt Anna so maybe it will be Tia Anna. 

And we could always call Tia Anna by her first and middle name when we aren’t talking about her as an Auntie.

Ask in a year, and we will have it all worked out! 

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,
and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” Proverbs 22:1 

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  1. I can relate! My name was the most popular name for girls the year I was born. In my 6th grade class (about 25 kids) there were 6 Jessicas! I was “Tall Jessica S”, because there was another “Jessica S”. 🙂

    1. There were two Katies in one of my classes in college, and our professor called us “Tall Katie” and “Small Katie.” (I was “Small Katie,” and perpetually grateful that my prof didn’t go with “short Katie!”)

  2. So funny! It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

    Isn’t “Marie” Anna Marie’s middle name? Or does she have a different middle name that she chose not to go by?

    Lovely photo of the three Annas!

  3. In my first grade class, there were FIVE Sarahs! That was very confusing. How nice for you to have a “fun problem” to solve. =)

  4. What a beautiful challenge to figure out! Congrats to the newest Mrs. Anna Maxwell! Sending prayers for your whole clan’s health and well-being.

  5. I think you may have found it. “Tia Anna” is awesome!!

    Congratulations to Jessie and his bride.

  6. Three very lovely Annas! The idea of calling her Tia Anna or Anna with her middle name are both great ideas, so I suppose whatever she prefers. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  7. Haha, this was delightful to read! Something I’ve always wondered: is “Anna Marie” the name the extended family uses to distinguish, or does Christopher also call her that when he’s just speaking alone with his Anna?

  8. Ha! Good problem to have, as Anna is a lovely name and they all look like lovely Annas 🙂 When we were first married, my husband, John, worked with 3 other guys who are all named John. When we all got together, the wives would talk about “My John” or “Becky’s John” etc. haha! Eventually we took to using initials (“J.D.,” “J.K.” etc.).

  9. Friends of ours have that problem in their immediate family. The husband is John and they named their first son John. Then they adopted a little boy whose name happened to be… John! So now they have John, John Henry, and Johnny.

  10. Tia Anna is very cute and would work well. I also like Anna Middle Name or maybe just use her middle initial, like Anna R. if her middle name is Roseanna lol! Just using that as an example of course. All three Annas are just lovely.

  11. we had three Donnas in our family. My mom was Donna Lynne, and my two cousins married ladies named Donna. So their wives became Tom’s Donna and David’s Donna. LOL It became really confusing at family gatherings sometimes.

  12. My mom was one of 9 kids, and with in-laws and grandchildren, great-grandchildren and now great-great-grandchildren (as of Monday!), we’ve had a lot of repeated or similar names: 3 Jameses, 3 Julias, 2 Roberts, 2 Angelos, a Lauren and a Laura…and so on, haha! We never really considered calling anyone by something else and generally just figure out who we’re talking about using context. If there’s confusion, it’s not for long and we just laugh at it. Sometimes we even just forget the name of the person we’re talking about, since there are so many! “Whatever your name is” is a very common phrase when we all get together (my grandmother now has 52 descendants over 4 generations!!!). It’s actually pretty funny most of the time. 😀

    1. What an amazing legacy of your grandmother. Some of the grandparents of our grandchildren have grandparent names other than Grandpa and Grandma. But some go by Grandpa and Grandma like Steve and I do. One day I asked Christopher and Anna Marie’s children how they knew which grandparents were being talked about when someone at their house said Grandpa or Grandma. They said they just knew!

  13. All through school (K-12) we had 5 Garys, 2 Johns and 2 Joyce’s. Out of 27 kids! Was very confusing at times.

  14. Growing up, my best friend referred to all of her aunts and uncles in Mexico as tía and tío, but we didn’t know Spanish yet and we both thought “Tia Ana” was her aunt’s full name and would thus call her “Aunt Tia Ana.” I’m sure the adults thought is was very cute! 🙂

    1. Growing up my brother Jonathan was called Jon(easier for babies, and since he is the 2nd born of 10 there were lots of them) then 7 years ago my sister Sarah married a John. Cue the confusion! Now for the most part he goes by Jonathan, but every once in a while there is a confusing conversation “I talked to Jon today” is the usual way it starts and after a little bit of things not making sense someone will say oh you mean Jonathan! I don’t think my dad will ever switch to Jonathan which definitely keeps things interesting!?

      1. We have that kind of confusion when we have a friend who has the same name as one of us – conversation starts with the person’s name and we are all thinking, family member, but as the conversation goes on, it becomes clear it is friend!

  15. My husband and I have the same first name. I am Jamye and he is Jamey. We have been called Mr./Mrs., boy/girl, he/she, aunt/uncle …With my Dad we can tell from his voice which one he is talking to. I am sure you will figure out all the Anna ladies.

    We will be celebrating our 31st anniversary next week!
    My marriage saying is: “It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it.”

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