Anna Marie is in the Hospital

Anna Marie shares her heart and what’s going on currently. Please pray with us for her! Love, Sarah

Hello Everyone,

I’m writing from the hospital this evening…

Yesterday afternoon, I began to develop a fever, chills, aches, swollen glands in my neck, etc. I thought it was a side effect of a medication I was taking to stimulate white blood cell production; however, when I called the oncology office, they said the side effects should never be that severe and I needed to get to an ER to be tested for COVID-19. Dad drove me and I arrived at the ER around 9 and was the only person in the waiting room—which was nice. (Dad, of course, couldn’t come in due to COVID restrictions.)

They soon got me back and ran a battery of tests. My blood counts were extremely low on every count, and I believe they said I had a neutropenic fever/infection. It sounds like my white blood cells are so low (due to chemo) that my immune system is pretty much gone. They started me on antibiotics and admitted me sometime around 2 AM. The doctors here were in contact with my oncologist, and they jointly agreed that it would be best for me to stay until the infection is subsiding.

The hospital staff has been amazing. It has been hard for Christopher to be away from me; but if he were here, he wouldn’t be able to come into the hospital. It’s a blessing to have FaceTime (and cell phones and text messages) so readily available. 

The COVID-19 test came back negative today, which was a praise! 

I’m feeling somewhat better, though still have a low grade fever and some aches, etc. I have no stamina; it’s an odd feeling to get worn out just texting a few people. 

This means that there will be at least a one week delay in my chemo treatment, something we were hoping to avoid. But God knows and isn’t surprised by any of this. Once again, this isn’t a path I would have chosen, but I’m thankful that God is using it for good in ways we might not know now. God is always good and has been so good to us through this—and I’m thankful that my soul can rest in Him.

Whate’er my God ordains is right: 
His holy will abideth; 
I will be still whate’er he doth; 
And follow where he guideth. 
He is my God: though dark my road. 
He holds me that I shall not fall. 
And so to him I leave it all.

Whate’er my God ordains is right: 
He never will deceive me. 
He leads me by the proper path; 
I know he will not leave me. 
I take, content, what he hath sent. 
His hand can turn my griefs away, 
And patiently I wait his day.

Whate’er my God ordains is right, 
Though now this cup, in drinking, 
May bitter seem to my faint heart, 
I take it all, unshrinking. 
My God is true; each morn anew. 
Sweet comfort yet shall fill my heart, 
And pain and sorrow shall depart.

Whate’er my God ordains is right. 
Here shall my stand be taken. 
Though sorrow, need, or death be mine, 
Yet am I not forsaken. 
My Father’s care is round me there. 
He holds me that I shall not fall, 
And so to him I leave it all.
-Samuel Rodigast, 1675; Tr. Catherine Winkworth

Anna Marie

“The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me:
thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever:
forsake not the works of thine own hands”
Psalm 138:8

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  1. I’m praying for you. For your blood count to go back up. For the infection to clear up. For the doctors hands to be guided by our Father in Heaven. For Christopher and the rest of your family to be comforted by God. And for you to safely get the rest of the chemo and be back home again. Always know that God loves you and is holding you close!

  2. This is where we continue to rest in the kind intentions of God, indeed. Anna Marie, in ALL these things you are more than a conqueror through Him who loves you… remember the kind intention of the Lord that Job found. You all will have much more abundance in Christ than you had before, bless you. Be strong to let Him carry you each and all safely through dear Sister

  3. Oh Anna! Please know there are so many prayers being said. May Gods grace and perfect peace be with you and surround you!

  4. Dear Anna Marie,

    I am praying for you. Your words are always encouraging me. I looked up the verses in Psalm 138 and also found 138: 7.
    I want to send this to you. God is good, always.

    With much love from Austria,

  5. Dear Anna Marie, praying for you as you go through this hard time. Hope you get lots better soon!

  6. I am so very sorry Anna Marie had this setback to her treatment, but we know the Lord is in control. He is with her every step of the way. Her strong faith shines through—even while she’s very weak and in the hospital. Anna Marie is amazing!

    Prayers continue for this precious lady, her children and husband back home, and all the Maxwell family.

    Love, Mrs. Patti

  7. Anna Marie I’ve been praying for you. I admire your faith and strength. May God heal you and replenish your white blood cells. God bless you.

  8. Praying! This hymn is beautiful and encouraged me this morning!
    Love in Christ, Anne-Laure

  9. Dear Anna Marie,

    Praying for you and your strong faith is an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others as well. I’ve shared some of my 2017 Stage 3 cancer journey before here, and it included a delay like yours is now too…I remember the disappointing feeling of having to extend my chemo (16 weekly treatments) another week, and how I wished my levels were better that day so I wouldn’t have to. I’m sure there was a Godly plan and reason behind though, and I found peace in that. It was my one and only delay in treatment. I hope you have peace in your delay as well, and that this will be the first and only delay for you. Sending you lots of good wishes and strength, Anna Marie.

  10. Anna Marie and Christopher, I’m praying for God to fill your minds with complete and perfect peace and for Him to continue to show Himself strong for you. Praying that this slight setback would not be a big complication and that Anna Marie would be back to full health, strength, and treatments that will be over soon. Praying for her quick return back to Kansas in 100% perfect health! God is able!

    “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength:” saiah? ?26:3-4?

  11. Praying for you, Anna Marie! And this is so random, but maybe it will put a smile on your face. My daughter has a friend who is a missionary kid in eastern France and looks exactly like you! So somewhere out there you have a teenaged twin who speaks English, French, and Turkish. 🙂

  12. I’m very sorry about this setback and that you aren’t feeling well, but I’m also thankful that it wasn’t COVID-19! At least they will be able to monitor you closely in the hospital. I’ll be praying for your white blood cell count to increase, for the infection to subside, and that you will be able to resume chemo treatments as soon as it’s safe to do so. I pray that our Lord will strengthen and sustain you physically and emotionally. Your sweet attitude about your situation is truly an inspiration, and you and your family remain in my prayers.

  13. May our Lord, faithful great healer, give you comfort as you get well! May He grant strength-comfort to you and your family walk through this together!

  14. Your words are always such an encouragement to me! I found the song online that you posted and listened to it…beautiful. Thank you for letting us know these latest developments so we can be praying for you.

    God is our refuge and strength,
    a very present help in trouble.
    Psalm 46:1

    You are safe with Him!

  15. Anna Marie,
    We are praying for you and your family! We pray that the infection will go away soon and that you can be with your family again to finish your treatment. You are right, God is not surprised by this. He is with you, your husband, and your children. How wonderful to have good care at the hospital. Nurses and doctors can be so kind and helpful. May you find rest and healing in His goodness and mercy.

  16. May I say again, Anna Marie, that your faith in the Lord is AMAZING! You are such an encouragement! I know I am encouraged every time I read your blog update and it is a reminder and a challenge to me that I have no right to complain or murmur about anything!! God is good, regardless of what we go through, He is good. Your deep trust in Him shows in your life and it is so radiant as you point others to the Lord. Thank you for “letting your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”. One can only imagine what you have been through and continue, but one thing is for sure, your faith speaks volumes. Thank you. Will continue to pray for you and your family.

  17. What a trial you are facing! I have often thought of you recently and the way you have handled each challenge with grace, trusting that God has a reason for every struggle. I am praying for you!

  18. Thank you for your update. God bless you. Will continue prayers for your and your family.

  19. Thank you, sweet Anna Marie, for sharing your testimony as you face your trials. Your faith is an encouragement to me. I’m praying for you and your family.

    I John 5:4 For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

  20. Dear Anna Marie, I woke up this morning in East TN at 5:40 and immediately my mind began to pray for you. I just discovered the Titus 2 family blog, through God’s guidance, about 6 months ago. I have been following and learning and loving all of you. I have been praying for you and your husband and children during this time. And even though you have no idea who I am… are very special to me. I know that may seem strange. I am a mom of three littles. My oldest is in 2nd grade. I taught public school for 9 years but when my oldest was 4, I stopped teaching to stay at home and we homeschool our children. I had prayed many times for God to show me how to do this and do it well. That’s when I found the Titus 2 blog and ordered the book Managers of their Homes. It is so funny but I found out about the book through a lady in South Dakota that I followed while I joined Weight Watchers for a few months. I now wonder if I struggled with my weight just so I could find the Titus 2 blog and your family! Anyway, that is a long story but I thought it might make you smile. I will continue to pray for you. God doesn’t make mistakes. We know this. He has a purpose for everything…..even the time you are having to be away from your family. God uses all things for our good.

    1. It made me smile when I read it, Kacie. I smiled in gratitude for your prayers for Anna Marie and her family. I smiled in gratitude to God for how He cares about the details of our lives. Thank you for sharing your connection here.

  21. Oh, my thoughts are with you, girl. I hope things get better for you guys. Praying for you and your family!

  22. Anna Marie, I am praying daily for you, your husband, your children and your family. The hymn you shared is so lovely and encouraging in every way. May you have strength equal to your day today!

  23. Anne Marie,
    As a former oncology nurse, you are doing just wonderful. Hang in there. This is just a bump in the road on your journey of healing. Stay the course. Keep focused. The battle is the Lord’s. Don’t lose heart. Lean on your wonderful family and friends to carry the weight of you responsibilities as you focus on healing and resting in God. Follow your medical teams directives, rest, pray and know we are all carrying you daily in our thoughts and prayers. This is a marathon not a sprint and you, my dear heart, are running so smartly. Virtual hugs and love from another wife, mama and Jesus follower.

    Prayers for you and your healing team.


  24. Our hearts and prayers are with you, dear Anna Marie, Christopher and Family!
    This quote comes to mind as I pray for you all…
    Rest, within the quiet
    knowledge that the
    LORD is on His throne-
    guiding, timing, overruling,
    caring for His loved and own.

    “As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from henceforth even for ever.” Ps.125:2

  25. Praying for you, Anna Marie, and your whole family. Your faith is inspiring to me.


  26. How is Christopher holding up? I know it has to be hard on him not physically being there with with Anna Marie. We all need to lift him up in prayer.

    1. Christopher is doing okay. There is a lot that he has before the Lord in this. It was hard when Anna Marie went to the hospital. He is hopeful to be able to take a quick trip out to see her. He welcomes prayer.

      1. Thanks for letting us know. He and Anna Marie are in my prayers!! My heart aches for both of them. I am praying he will get to see her and hold her!! Praying for safe travels!!

  27. My thoughts and prayers are with Anna, and with Christopher and their children.

  28. In Jesus Name we are praying for you Anna Marie! We are praying as the Spirit leads to allow Christopher to be there with you his sweet bride! God certainly has wrote the script to your life as you embrace the Lord as a faithful soldier entering battle! What a testimony and trophy of God’s grace you are dear Saint! Psalm 42:7″Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls.” Spurgeon quotes, “Great deeps of trials bring with them great deeps of promises.” God’s promises are great, and His grace is anything but small, I join you in the deeps! God will be glorified and His servants shall be blessed! Love to you all!

  29. The H. family has been, and is in prayer for you Christopher and Anna Marie, for your children, and all the extended family. Thank you for testifying to the faithfulness of Jesus. We are encouraged by your trust in the Lord in the midst of suffering. After a ten year journey following the Lord directing our steps in adoption, we brought home three brothers from Colombia this past year. We rejoice that they are home and for all that our Father is working in both their lives and ours in these past few months. But it has also contained times of great difficulty. While our life situations look very different, we are so thankful for how Jesus uses his Body to encourage one another though we are pursuing him in different places and in different circumstances. He is always faithful and has promised to never leave or forsake his own. What precious realities to live in.

  30. I’m very sorry Anna Marie. God healed my mom of cancer, and I will pray that he will heal you too.

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