Resurrection Sunday at the Maxwells

I wanted to share a peek into some of the Maxwell Family’s Resurrection Sunday celebrations. It’s safe to say that most people worldwide had a very different day than normal. But being in this stay-at-home place affords more time than ever to focus on relationships. Whether it’s a relationship of a close family member or friends whom we can check in on remotely.

We’re so grateful for Christ’s redeeming love and His conquering death! “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:55-57).

In a nutshell:

  • Time in God’s Word
  • Special outside visit from John’s crew bringing coffee
  • Watching church services via LiveStream
  • Resurrection Sunday Dinner
  • Weather that was colder than on Christmas Day, with howling winds and rain (the cold front hit midday)
  • Family prayer via FaceTime for Anna Marie

We’d love to hear how your Resurrection Sunday went. What did you do, and how was it different?

I think there is something little kids love about holding Ellie’s leash (power?).
Nathan and Melanie’s crew
Christopher making Resurrection Rolls with the children (you know the kind where you put the marshmallow rolled in butter in the middle and it “disappears” when baking).
This beautiful crew!
Such a small group for Resurrection Dinner but how blessed we are!

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21).

28 thoughts on “Resurrection Sunday at the Maxwells”

  1. We had a quiet Easter, and it included having dinner with some extended family via Zoom. We also had online church. What a different Easter, but certainly one we will remember!

  2. I’m amazed with how green your grass is already! Up here in North Dakota everything is still brown and dormant. The first peek of green is just barely starting in some areas. Can’t wait for spring to hit here. It will surely help lift spirits during this time of social distancing.

    1. Mary,

      Green really popped out here, along with beautiful shades of pink and purple flowering trees! It does help to brighten the world! I hope you get yours soon.

  3. Hi! May I ask what is exactly church via Lifestream? I watched online and I see several things with the mention of Lifestream. Is it the way you do church each week since this pandemic situation? It’s interesting to see how other people continue to worship in that stay-at-home place.Thank you!

    1. Good question. Church via Livestream is when a pastor streams his sermon remotely to people (in their own homes). Some pastors preach from their pulpit while some may preach from their living room!

  4. It was tough last week to be away from my church family! Fortunately, we were able to gather via Zoom. My pastor has also been hosting prayer services three times a day during the week. We are able to spend time with the Lord together and check in on each other.

  5. this year we couldn’t meet my mother in law for easter…

    love anna marie and her daughters same outfits… ?

  6. We too had church via livestream. After lunch we watched Sights and Sounds production of Jesus which they were broadcasting free on TBN.

    I’ve heard about the resurrection rolls but had no idea they had a marshmallow inside to melt.

    Axton is adorable with Ellie.


  7. On Resurrection morning our family went to church and worshipped. Our state is not under a stay-at-home order and churches are still allowed to meet, although most are not meeting. But what we did different that day was a family get together on Zoom with my family, mostly in St. Louis, that we do not get to see very often. And then we FaceTimed my husband’s parents that night. I think it is interesting how the coronavirus has brought families together in a different way.

  8. We watched our church service online which we’ve been doing every Sunday for about a month now. It was sad not to actually be in church, yet I’m so very grateful that at least we can still “attend” this way for now. We had our son and my mother here for a late afternoon meal but missed being able to gather with extended family as we usually do. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your day. Anna Marie, Christopher, their children, and all of you continue to be in my prayers during her time of treatment!

  9. Long time follower of your blog — maybe 15 years now! It helped me immensely over the years raising my family and continues to be a help now. First, is that an Alaska with a bear mug by Jesse in the breakfast picture? If so, we have the same mug! A gift from my son while he was on military drill to Alaska one summer.

    Michigander here, so our state has been very hard hit by covid. We are blessed to belong to a church who has been steadfast in live streaming the word faithfully every Sunday since our stay at home orders began. Easter was spent watching church and enjoying family via technology. It’s been a time of reflection and growing in the Lord.

    1. Stephanie,

      Wow, I think you’ve been with us since the blog began. Thank you! Yes, that is true on the mug. I received the mug as a gift! It’s a cute one. I’m sorry about Michigan. Very sad. But I’m glad you have been able to watch church via LiveStream.

  10. That photo will Ellie is too cute! And I laughed out loud at the caption. I definitely remember feeling pretty powerful holding a dog’s leash when I was small, even though the dog could ha e easily take off and gotten away from me if she’s wanted! I’m glad you all had a joyful Easter, even though it was different than the norm. Baking is a huge part of our Easter traditions, and we had to get a little creative because of flour and yeast shortage where we live, but we still made it work!

      1. Lol! I don’t blame them. And thank you for that kind response, Sarah 🙂 I always enjoy these updates!

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