Random Life From Normal to Stay-At-Home

Eight weeks have passed since our last Random Life, and wow, so much has changed. Social activities came to a complete halt, only essential errands are done, and we’re praying for the healthcare workers on the front line and for all those affected. We’re also praying for those who have shared requests here on the blog. Our hearts are especially heavy for our friends in Europe and Italy and those in the hotspot areas here in the US.

Enjoy a peek into Random Life.


PS: The inside family get-together pictures were before the restrictions.

In the normal days, you never knew who might show up for dinner. This was to allow Nathan and Melanie to have time away.
Like a Kansas pinata?
At the Missouri river on a warmer day in late February/early March.
One Saturday, we watched Axton, since John had a commitment and Chelsy was very sick. He’s such a cute little fellow.
I wonder how many of you made the slime recipe? This was in the “before” days. Sadly, Bible club is suspended.
Someone is very dramatic. I remember one of the uncles being very similar when he was a little guy.
We all have enjoyed lots of outside time.
Caleb is growing up so fast.
Qwirkle game
Grandma time
Benji’s birthday night at Grandpa and Grandma’s
What a cute lineup.
This was on Kyle’s birthday (early March). He loves to give Ellie “cookies” (biscuits). Totally adorable.
Ruthie’s birthday night at Grandpa and Grandma’s
Arnold gently let Axton know that it was certainly not okay to play with his tail.
Doing website work. We’ll have an exciting announcement on that in the next few months!
Mary and Anna Marie doing outside cleanup together and loving their talking time.
A Saturday work project
Grandpa/Dad taught Joshua how to throw a frisbee
The green really popped out in the last few weeks.
And now the two words we all understand: social distancing
Reading to Gigi via Facetime (and that’s a Moody book :))
Lydia’s birthday (celebrated just with her family)
We’ve been running more lately.
Like aunt like niece
Flag time with Gigi with social distancing
This is Arnold on my parents’ headboard. He sits in the oddest places.
Cute stuff
Helping Tina via FaceTime with some school

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no
thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for
the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”
Matthew 6:33-34

8 thoughts on “Random Life From Normal to Stay-At-Home”

  1. Thanks for sharing this – actually I laughed out loud for a few of the gorgeous photos, which was really a nice feeling after a lot of tougher things to cope with at this time!

    Arnold’s choice of place to sit on the bedhead, and Calia’s gorgeous walk-in-sync with Anna are just fantastic.

    Yes, much to pray for in terms of people’s plights.

    Absolutely love the chosen verse.

  2. Ellie’s fur must be SO soft!! We’ve got a little caramel-white bichon frise x miniature poodle and the fur on his head is melty-soft too. I imagine Ellie’s was super amazing when she was young!

  3. These pictures made me smile! Caleb is adorable and Axton is getting so big! And that was such a cute picture of reading to Gigi, I hope she is doing well. It looks like the kids have fun with their bicycles 🙂 (I remember having fun riding my bike when I was young). So nice how your family is all close by and can get together (although not now with the social distancing).

    1. Yes, the babies are definitely growing up! Gigi is hanging in there through this stay-at-home time. She actually began that herself prior to the county order.

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