Backyard Energy-Burning Family Activities

Today Anna Marie is sharing some new favorite outside activities to help their kiddos expend energy! We hope this is helpful to you. Love, Sarah

Christopher is amazing with thinking of games to play with the children. When I saw a comment requesting ideas for activities to burn off children’s energy, I wanted to share a couple things Christopher did with the children recently.

Hopping races.

He tied their legs together with velcro straps he has for work projects, but you could easily use strips of an old t-shirt or something. As you can see, everyone got really into it, including Elizabeth who wanted me to “hop” her across the yard, too!

Three-legged races produced lots of giggles and helped to encourage team effort.

A new spin on freeze tag: tag with the ball!

There was so much laughter and running, and I was impressed with how good the children’s aim was while running and tossing at moving parents and siblings! 🙂 (Obviously, you want to use balls that are soft and won’t hurt their targets.)

I hope that’s helpful and maybe will jog your brain for some ways you could implement similar ideas if cool weather is keeping you indoors!

Anna Marie

“Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving”
(Colossians 4:2).

8 thoughts on “Backyard Energy-Burning Family Activities”

  1. Terrific ideas! Thank you so much for sharing.

    When our children were little (they’re teens now), we would make an obstacle course – skip down the walk, circle the fire pit, balance across the frame of the vegetable boxes, walk backwards to the swing, three swings and run to the backdoor was our favorite sequence. The children still go through that every once in a while for nostalgia.

    Stay well!

  2. Thank you for the good ideas!
    We have been enjoying making “crazy” paths out of sidewalk chalk (with lots of zig-zags and loop-the-loops, etc.) and then doing them on foot, on a scooter/bike (MUCH more difficult ha!), and with stuffed animals/dolls doing the “walking” (for pretend, with human help of course). We also take walks and jump over the sidewalk cracks or count the sidewalk cracks, sometimes predicting how many cracks there will be between our house and another location, etc. We are finally getting some warm weather, so I’m looking forward to a lot more outdoor-time!

  3. For a while, our garage was used as a play room. We had a small trampoline with a net out there and a couple ball pits connected by tunnels. We also had some balls and a target. So fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing these fun ideas. We’ve used some of them over the last couple of days, and our kids have remembered some of their favorite outdoor games, too. I love that everyone in the family is included!

  5. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I have a teenager and 12 year old and I did an outside scavenger hunt with them, finding things like insects and different types of leaves and trees. (We have quite a bit of land so that worked well for us, but could look for anything outside.) This was a fun activity for older kids. It gave good exercise and took a while. They got rewarded with their favorite meal for dinner if they found all of the items on the list. Thanks for sharing such great ideas and homeschooling tips. You all are a blessing.

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