A Great Learning Opportunity

We just wanted to let you all know of an exciting opportunity. During this time, many companies are offering special opportunities and discounts. I noticed that Comptia is offering a month of free access to their CertMaster training for the IT Fundamentals+ certification. This certification is geared for middle schoolers on up. Don’t let that fool you; it’s not an easy test. It covers everything from basic functionality of a computer, hardware, software, coding, databases, operating systems, and more. It was a fantastic test, and their goal in creating it was to give you a taste of many different IT areas so you can see which you enjoy best. 

I took the test last January. This is a semi-new certification, and it wasn’t around when I was in school, so I took the opportunity to take it. It is a good stepping stone for A+ or other certifications. To find out more details, visit this link


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10 thoughts on “A Great Learning Opportunity”

  1. That is very helpful, thank you! Do you think it would be too hard for a seventh grader?

  2. Hello Maxwell family,

    The links to the free month trial isnt working.


    1. I just went to the blog and tried all three links in the post, and they were all working when I tried. Maybe try again or on another computer.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, Anna! I just signed up and am looking forward to learning more about IT work. It’s one of my side hobbies. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for letting us know about this opportunity, Anna! My daughter is a sophomore in high school and is interested in doing this . . . but she’s wondering if a month of free access will be enough to finish the training and take the certification test? She doesn’t want to start only to end up having to pay in order to finish. How long did it take you to do this?

    1. Here is Anna’s response: I’m not a natural at technical things, even though I work in them, and so to get certified I pour a lot of time into it. If your daughter got a book and studied that along side the Certmaster, I’m guessing she could get certified in a month. But that would be with dedicated study – maybe even 100 hours or more. But it’s hard to say whether this would be feasible for your daughter to get in a month, as it seems like everyone’s speed of learning is a bit different.

      I studied a month (January 2019), but I had been working in the IT field for about 4 years and had previously taken A+ which is a harder test than this.

      I would highly recommend this test, though. It’s a challenge but really good!

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