Changing Times, Stay-At-Home

(Last week, kids loving Ellie!)

Life has seemed to change by the hour over these past two weeks. It became even more real for us this week. Yesterday began our county’s 30-day order of Stay-at-Home.

We’re grateful for all the healthcare workers who are giving of themselves to help those in need. We’re praying for them and those affected by the pandemic.

We’re thankful for family! I can’t imagine how lonely it would be for a single person during this time, so please, reach out to that single person through text, FaceTime, phone call, or a letter to show you care.

Our last family lunch (at that point: the recommended/allowed number was 10 or less) before the order went into effect

Titus2 orders are shipping out as normal, and we’re grateful for the postal system continuing. Literally, overnight the world became homeschoolers, and ladies have expressed their gratefulness for scheduling advice (more coming soon!).

Since kids have more time (okay: I think most everyone does without social activities), we decided to offer Book #1: Summer with the Moodys, for 40% off (limited time). Since the book is set in the summer, even those who normally go to school will love it.

Depending on how long your stay-at-home order is, you could try to make the book last if you read one chapter per day (20 chapters).

We plan to keep the blog updated as our (new) daily life is underway. How are you doing with everything happening? How is it affecting you? And how can we be praying?

Spring is pushing out the cold, winter days, and we’re welcoming it with gratefulness to the Lord Who is so worthy of our worship.

Please remember, share Jesus and His redeeming love with those you see!


“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep:
for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety”
(Psalm 4:8).

19 thoughts on “Changing Times, Stay-At-Home”

  1. I am enjoying the extra time with my family. I moved my daughter home from school, so she is doing distance learning as well. I am still working at the office, but having the time off from my second job is so nice and affords me the time to work in the yard, cook extra meals, run errands for those people who cannot or do not need to be out, and enjoy my family.

  2. Myself and our three sons are all considered essential employees. Two of us in healthcare and two others grocery workers. Please keep up in your prayers. We are working now more than ever. We are praying.

  3. Thank you for helping everyone keep things sane in such a strange time! Our family is trying to keep to our schedule. That has been comforting. We added an extra time to pray about all of these things together. My husband and I found it difficult to pull ourselves away from news. We heard that a country in Europe only has updates on the corona virus death toll at 3:00pm every day. We thought that would be a good way to deal with it. We want to be informed, but too much news was causing such anxiety and weariness in all of us. Now, we watch the updates at our local and federal websites at 3:00pm and then turn it off. It makes such a difference! Instead of constant worry, we have calm and rest even in all his uncertainty. We are also spending time planning our garden. God bless everyone. Stay safe!

    1. Bless you, Heather! Yes, I agree, such a strange time. Good idea on only looking once a day! This does provide more opportunities for family times. We girls just enjoyed a walk with Melanie and crew.

  4. We are having to stay home as well, and it is actually very normal for us haha!? Also we run a food ministry here, so that and homeschooling keep us quite busy! I agree with you, It is so great that everyone is homeschooling now, I never thought that we would see such a day! Also everyone has to be together so that brings families closer for sure!

  5. We have just headed into quarantine here in NZ as well. I am so grateful I live in a big family!
    You all are in my prayers, especially Anna Marie.

  6. Hi Sarah

    Sounds like your lockdown started at a similar time to ours in New Zealand, which came into effect at midnight last night for the entire country. It does provide the blessing of close family time! It is so strange having to cancel family get-togethers, and not even be able to visit the local park. We are thankful to have a stream beside our property so the children are busy building dams and finding wildlife.

    Our prayers are with you guys and I’m glad to hear from this blog that Anna Marie is doing well. I remember her in my prayers. I think your offer of the book at 40% off is so lovely! In New Zealand we can’t post anything except essentials.
    We live on a main state highway we see the trucks going past still occasionally but not a lot else.

    Nice to have your blog to watch through this time. Great for the children.


    1. Sarah,

      Yes! Those stay-at-home mandates are really happening all over, although our entire state hasn’t gone that way, just several counties. I agree on family get-togethers. We had our last Sunday family lunch for awhile. Feels odd!

      Thank you. We’ll be doing some newsy updates. 🙂

  7. Sarah, I look forward to your family blog so much. I love all of the pictures! They make me smile. Would like an Arnold pic. Your blog lifts me up and encourages me. Thank you all!

  8. Thank you for all your posts! It’s so nice to see your sweet familiar faces and glean such good ideas and inspiration from you! We love your family and appreciate your time- it’s so comforting and helping me stay sane! 🙂

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