How to Make Slime

We want to share a great activity to do with kids: SLIME! It’s quite easy, although it may take a time or two to get the perfect combo.

Homemade Slime

  • 1 cup Elmer’s glue (can be purchased in big jugs)
  • Food coloring
  • About a teaspoon of baking soda
  • Contact solution (can be purchased from stores like Walmart)

Warning: do not make this anywhere near carpet, because it will be a forever reminder.

First, find containers of some kind to mix it up in and measure in Elmer’s glue. Add some food coloring (to your liking) and stir. Next, add a teaspoon (or a small spoonful) of baking soda. All the while, stir. And stir some more.

Add less than a tablespoon of the contact solution. Stir and stir. When it starts to glob up and you can try to get it in your hands, go ahead. Knead it back and forth. You can add more contact solution if needed, but a fair warning. If you put too much in, it’s irreversible. It’s better to knead it a lot in your hands. If it flops, don’t worry. It’s probably too much contact solution. Go for it again.

Your kids will love stretching and do all kinds of creative things with their slime.

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the
earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice,
and sing praise” (Psalm 98:4).

14 thoughts on “How to Make Slime”

  1. An easy way to get slime out of clothes is to soak the item overnight in a sink of hot water, vinegar, and dish soap. The slime will soften and wash right off.

    It’s a little harder to get slime out of hair when a child decides to see what will happen if they hold a bucket of slime over their head.

  2. Wow that sounds very fun, but I’m afraid it would end up in our carpet at some point haha!

  3. You guys are the best! I love to see the Aunties spending time with the nieces and nephews.

  4. We have done that with our kids. What a blast!

    Another fun thing to do is mother days gifts for example hand prints in Salt Clay, painting clay pots and picking up a six pack at Lowe’s or Home Depot of annuals (or grow your own), take a jelly jar coat in glue then paint and make a bouquet of flowers in the “vase”.

    Moms love anything handmade by their kids. ?

  5. My kids love this! We also found edible jello brand slime powder recently. Thank you, mrs Maxwell for replying to me a few weeks back. I keep meaning to email you but my 7 kiddos keep me busy!!

  6. THANK YOU for posting this recipe!! I just made some, and it came out sooo good! I’ve tried to make slime before, but it was always too sticky or too firm. This is so stretchy, but doesn’t stick!

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