Possible Good From The Coronavirus

These are historic times. Since the 50’s, generations have been shielded from epidemics and significant consumer shortages, except for the “gas crunch” in the 70’s. If you have the money, you can buy what you want. 

We are experiencing product shortages country wide. This seems to come as quite a shock to most US citizens who are accustomed to full shelves at the grocery store. People are afraid of not having food and supplies they are accustomed to and ultimately of getting the virus. 

There is a silver lining. Previously, many who might have had little concern about dying are now thinking about it as evidenced by their fear in contracting the virus.

What might you do in addition to taking recommended safeguards?

  1. Make a list of people who you suspect might not be saved.   
  2. Earnestly pray for them daily. Are there things you might do to help them?
  3. Seek a time when you can have a heart-to-heart talk with them regarding Jesus Christ.                                                                           

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the
life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

11 thoughts on “Possible Good From The Coronavirus”

  1. May God give us the boldness and grace we need in order to share effectively the Gospel at this time!

    NZ has just 8 confirmed cases, with 2 suspected. It’s affecting a lot of things already though.

    It’s not a time to be afraid, but to strengthen in Christ. Thanks for the encouragement.

    James 4:8, KJV: “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

    Thank the Lord for His lovingkindness.

    Praying for you guys there.

  2. Amen!! What an opportunity we have as Christians to shine God’s light to so many who are afraid, searching for peace and need to be sure of where they will spend eternity. It’s okay to be prepared for earthly disasters(as long as to not go overboard) but more importantly is to share Jesus with them to prepare for eternity. I’m thankful to be in the Father’s hand and that He is in total control of everything!! Thank you for the encouragement!!

  3. This is an excellent word of encouragement! I’m praying for boldness for the Church to reach out and receptiveness for the lost! What a time to allow the peace of God show in our lives.

    At church yesterday, a friend said that she thinks it will be good for families to have to reconnect and take a break from all the activities that divide them. People need to slow down and hopefully this will force it to happen. I think she’s right.

    Continued prayers that God will be merciful and being this pandemic to an end quickly and in such a way that HE gets all the glory. And for those who are being impacted financially. A family member had to go to work today to help spread the news that all hourly employees will be seeing their hours cut back. This will be a difficult blow for many families and a day task to have to do.

  4. Oh yes, I agree with you about people hopefully be open to the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. These are unprecedented times, certainly in our lifetime. I’ve never worried about stores running out of items. But I feel that we still have great abundance in comparison to places like third-world countries. After stocking up on what we felt we needed, I felt somewhat ashamed thinking of those with little to nothing. We are discerning the fine line between not wanting to be selfish and hoard, but at the same time being prepared for a few weeks. The pictures of your store shelves look like what we are seeing in suburban Chicago area. And we are now watching church online! Hope everyone stays safe and well. I’ve been thinking a lot of Anna Marie too!

  5. I meant to say if anyone is interested, go to quentinroad.org (Quentin Road Baptist Church in Lake Zurich, IL) to hear an excellent message the pastor gave online yesterday. He tied this situation of Coronavirus to how we actually have the worse virus of sin which could affect us for all eternity if we don’t know Christ as Savior. And since will all die from something someday, we need to be sure of our salvation now. I thought he did an excellent job if anyone wants to see it.

  6. I absolutely LOVE this post!

    Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder. Jesus sacrificed himself for us, so it’s only fair we do something for the greater good of those around us.

    Many blessings to all of you,


  7. So absolutely true! Since we do not have cable television or WiFi in our home, our iPhones enabled us to hear the president proclaim a national state of emergency. Not accustomed to the news, the reports seemed so alarming and some even sensational in their approach. What a comfort to put my phone down and pick up my Bible to hear God’s viewpoint. I was given immediate peace and hope in His Word.

    For years, I have felt that the church ( myself included) was being distracted by the “ affections “ of this world. How unbelievably quickly have so many of them been set aside… some even mandatory. May God fill us with His Spirit, give us eyes to see His truth, and enable us to walk in love and faith during these difficult days.

    I have found myself focusing on the more eternal things and The Word himself. I am seeing areas needing repentance and now purposing in my heart to obey my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And He always helps me to take my eyes off myself and then see the needs of others. And there are so many more in need.

    We have elderly parents with conditions that may make them more susceptible to the virus. Therefore, we are prayerfully limiting contact. We do not live in fear, but one of our sons is a firefighter and continues to be out regularly. We realize that he may come in contact and do not want to expose them. We are torn between not spending as much time with them, but also wanting to protect them.

    The biggest change and maybe one of the hardest is not meeting weekly or sometimes biweekly with our church family. We are not sure how long this precautionary measure will take place. We have had home church in times of sickness or even severe weather, so I know we can continue with our in the home family of 8. My heart goes out to so many that are living alone or in facilities where they cannot leave.

    May our hearts find an increased hunger for the Word, especially scripture memory and prayer. May we not fear as God may call us to reach out even when it seems difficult and inconvenient. May His beautiful name be shared as the only true hope and life-giving healing of our souls. Thank you so much for continuing your posts during this time. As always, they are very encouraging and comforting.

  8. I just remembered- yesterday the Lord brought Psalm 91:10 to mind. I went to the Word and read the entire chapter. Such powerful promises! May we find our refuge in The Word~ JESUS!

  9. A lot of churches (including my own) are meeting via Zoom or Skype or other online forums. I’m pretty much isolated at home because my parents are in their 80s and both have very high risk medical conditions. I only go to the grocery store and pharmacy when it is absolutely necessary. But I check in with friends online every day, especially those who don’t have family nearby.

    I was actually born during a major flu epidemic. No one was allowed to come and see me, so my parents took me around to the relatives’ houses in their car and everyone was allowed to look at me through the car window. When one branch of the extended family got sick, my dad brought them medicine and groceries, but he left them on the porch so he wouldn’t bring home any germs. I mention this here because someone reading this might be able to do the same for family, friends, neighbors, or even strangers in need.

  10. I have now have an update and special prayer request. My father, 80 years old, is alone in the hospital preparing for possible heart surgery tomorrow. Due to the Coronavirus, we have not been allowed to see him today or the day of the surgery. The have very strict rules about those entering the hospital. My mother was there as he was admitted, but will not be staying overnight. I believe that she will be allowed to see him before the surgery . He is a believer and is trusting the Lord. Yet, as we have a very close knit family, not having our family together in times like this seems so strange. I did pray with him and we both know that the Lord is with him there.

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