Random Life From Tough Times to Baby Days

So much has happened since our last Random Life. It feels like a lot has changed, and yet things are still the same. But in a way they aren’t.

We shared with you all the news that Anna Marie likely has cancer. How are we dealing with it? We’re grateful we know Who holds all things in His hands. Yes, while what Anna Marie is facing is possibly very serious, none of us are guaranteed another day. I could be in a car accident tomorrow and ushered into the presence of Jesus. We are very prayerful for Anna Marie and being as supportive as we can with their needs while all the time looking to the Lord for what His will is.

January was filled to the brim with work, ministry, helping Christopher and Anna Marie and Joseph and Elissa, and somehow managing to keep up with our personal lives as well. The Maxwell crew has also had their fair share of colds and other similar “bugs,” including John being hit with pneumonia several weeks ago. We’re thankful most are on the mend.

Enjoy a peek into Random Life.

A Nathan Maxwell family outing shopping for Christmas gifts
One evening before Christmas, Anna planned a special Christmas party for we three sisters. It was such a sweet time of being together after crazy schedules. We enjoyed a walk with hot cocoa, and then back at home, Anna made a great peppermint snack mix, and we wrote cards to people we wanted to bless.
Before Bible club one afternoon, Anna and Mary purchased small-dollar items at Walmart that the children could wrap and then give to their moms. It was such a HUGE hit. The kids were very excited to pick something out and then wrap it!
Someone requested to see the caroling card. I meant to post it with the post on it, but I overlooked it.
Preparing Christmas food
December didn’t afford much time for Christmas shopping, but Anna and I took the Friday before Christmas to go. Then, the next step was wrapping. When Betsy heard I hadn’t gotten any wrapping done, she wanted to help that Sunday afternoon.
Mary and Jesse wrapping gifts
Giving out little Christmas gifts at church
Andrew likes to help Grandpa after church
Twelve Days of Christmas workout with Maxwell siblings, a yearly tradition
The three pregnant sisters-in-law on Christmas Eve night (and they even coordinate!): l-r: Anna Marie, Elissa, and Chelsy
Mary giving a Bible story at club
Sunday afternoon
This tradition of making biscuit pizzas actually goes way back to when Nathan was young. He had a little cookbook of recipes, and this must have been one in there. I think we used to make them on Mother’s Day, and now Christopher’s family does at Christmas time.
There Danny is again fascinated with the coffee maker.
This was a cute sight when I was going somewhere. Anna (who gave Betsy running shoes for Christmas) was out on a jog with Betsy and Christina (both of whom had new running skirts on).
Drew and Benjamin enjoyed a fire station tour with Melanie while the girls had their shopping excursion with Grandpa and Grandma.
Yes, Ellie actually rides on a sled.
Speaking of Ellie, here she’s begging to go to Christopher’s backyard to play.
The group who welcomed the New Year in!
TIme to bake!
An edible fruit arrangement thank you gift for Anna
Playtime with Grandma
Mary and Debi
Ruthie and Liddy cleaning the house with Anna and Mary.
One could confidently say lots of babysitting happened!
Card time
Cleaning and organizing at Elissa’s before baby
What a crew!
Anna Marie with her doula as labor was induced
Candlelight vigil after the Roe v. Wade anniversary.
Mom meeting Caleb
Axton turned one!
Nathan with his little helper
Shopping at IKEA
Gigi with Simon Peter.
Anna went to visit her sweet friend, CathyJo, out of state. CJ lost her mom to cancer last month. They were the family I mentioned in the last Random Life post going through heartache and sadness during the Christmas season. Mrs. D no longer experiences the pain of cancer and is with Jesus! We will see her again in Heaven. But there is still that empty gap in their lives.
Mary with Simon Peter
Ellie likes handouts from the littles.
Shrinkwrapping Managers of Their Homes books
I enjoyed baby photo sessions too!

“And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times
or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power”
(Acts 1:7).

10 thoughts on “Random Life From Tough Times to Baby Days”

  1. Wow, alot on your shoulders!
    Praying for you and Anne Marie.
    Very wise words from you, Sarah


  2. Praying for you all. Oh, no. CathyJo’s mother died? I’m so sorry! Will be praying for her too.

  3. Always enjoy these posts. Not sure if I’ve commented before; I’m a homeschool grad who grew up on the Moody books:).
    I’d love to see a post about Anna and Mary’s Bible club for kids. I’ve thought of trying to start something similar, so I’d love to hear how they got it started, what they do, and any other info they want to share.

  4. When I was a kid in elementary school, around the holidays, some of the parents would put together a “store” each year from dollar store items, charging from .25 to 1.00 for everything, and then wrapping the gifts for free. It was so great, because all of us kids could shop for our families and pick out gifts to give each year at minimal cost (I would always use the $20 my great uncle gave me for my birthday to shop for my whole family). It was such a blessing! So cool to see your sisters doing something similar 🙂

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