Meeting Simon Peter

Sunday, after church, we had just enough time to make it to the hospital for the little kids to visit Simon Peter before the birthday party lunch. We aunts enjoyed bringing them up, and Mom and Dad graciously stayed back to prepare food and get things ready.

Our short visit was sweet, everyone enjoying an opportunity to hold the new little guy and catch up on how things went with Anna Marie.

Happy to see their daddy!
Just before going in to see Simon Peter.
I think Danny was the most expressive of them all.
Danny was quite curious about all things
Mom holding Simon Peter after he arrived home
A happy grandpa

“Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ,
to them that have obtained like precious faith with us
through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ”
(2 Peter 1:1).

11 thoughts on “Meeting Simon Peter”

  1. What a sweet precious baby! So lovely of the aunts to bring up the others to meet their new little brother. Praying for Anna Marie!!

  2. So glad Simon Peter is here and safe!! I am so happy for Anna Marie and family! I know she feels so much better regarding her veins. I had them and mine were terrible!! Even with compression stockings my legs were really bad. It is amazing how much better they feel after the baby is born. She looks beautiful as always!! I’m curious about her opinions of a hospital birth vs. home birth. I know she is in good hands and that y’all will take good care of her, now and in the days to come! She is in my prayers often!!

    1. Not only was it a hospital birth but it was induced. I haven’t heard any negative comments about it but only gratitude for the medical team the Lord gave them, Simon’s safe arrival, and no NICU stay. She also said she was surprised that while the labor was different with the pitocin, it wasn’t a harder labor. In some ways it was easier because her contractions were shorter.

      1. Wow!! That is a blessing!! I have heard that pitocin can make contractions very painful! So glad labor and delivery wasn’t too bad! She’s a champ, though!! 🙂

        I guess I was also wondering if she enjoyed some quiet time alone with Simon Peter. I can imagine with a home birth you wouldn’t get a lot of alone time with the baby. I had all my children in the hospital and really enjoyed being alone with my new baby. Once I got home, it was a lot more challenging with other children in the house. I also appreciated the nurses taking care of me and staff bringing meals to me. Moms don’t get a lot of pampering!! 😉 I too was blessed with great medical staff with all my children. However, I always wondered what a home birth would be like.

        1. They were only at the hospital 24 hours after the birth, not much time for anything. She has nice time with just the baby during her first two weeks atat home. The midwife wants her resting in bed! She is doing that except when she needs to go to an appointment, and there was only one last week – the baby’s doctor visit yesterday. We have provided a helper from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. that keeps meals, childcare, and school going. During some of that time the children are with her but for most of it, they are eating, doing school, taking naps, or something else not with her. I guess for the pampering criteria, she has had a week of pampering so far.

        2. Y’all are so good to her!!! That is very sweet!!! I could only dream of having support like that!

  3. God’s blessings on the birth of Simon Peter! Thank you for sharing these pictures. You have a beautiful family.

  4. So so happy for you all! What a beautiful family! God’s timing is perfect and having a precious bundle of joy to love on during the trial ahead,truly will be a blessing and comfort.

  5. Oh what precious pictures! Thank you for sharing in God’s goodness and faithfulness with all of us! We rejoice with you for all the love this baby will bring to your family! A lot of awwww’s where going on over here!:o) Many blessings to you all this Friday! Great is Thy Faithfulness we sing!

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