Behind the Scenes of the Maxwell Family Photo Session

I wanted to share a peek behind the scenes of our family photo session in early November.

Mary picked out the color scheme weeks in advance, and then she sketched out the composition of where people would be. We wanted a different photo location than last year, and a place closer to home, so we worked through a few options. Finally, we settled on what happens to be the first city park in Kansas!

A few days before the photo session, we realized it would be very beneficial to have someone near the camera, getting the kids’ attention (and taking the photo). With some scrambling, we contacted friends, and some kind neighbors happily agreed to.

The day arrived, and everything was on track, even though the temperatures were pretty cold.

Christopher and Mary worked on getting everyone arranged, and then we checked the camera settings. Our friends took lots of pictures, and then a break was had while I ran to see how things were looking. We rearranged anyone who needed to be to achieve a balanced look and began again until we thought we had enough options.

We know it’s a huge effort for the mommies to get their kiddos ready, and we’re so grateful for them doing that!

Mary did a beautiful job post-editing, bringing all the colors of the skies into a gorgeous composition. Thank you!

Enjoy a peek behind the scenes.


Most of the coats were tossed behind us.
Part of the group disappeared to watch a train
The end result
The girls wanted to get a picture to include in their Operation Christmas shoeboxes.
Isn’t Debi adorable?!

“Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and
hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto
you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;”
1 Peter 1:13

8 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of the Maxwell Family Photo Session”

  1. Wow!! That’s one big, beautiful family and some amazing pictures. Great choice of background, too!

  2. As I originally said when the picture was first posted a few weeks ago, the colors were so well coordinated. Your eyes are drawn to the magnificent blues in the clothing and sky. Mary, this is a true God-given talent that you have and it is nice to see it come to light.

    Catherine F.

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