Random Life From Snow to The Heart of Christmas

December is flying by, and Christmas is less than two weeks ago. If you’re like me, there are still many things to accomplish.

Although the holiday season is a joyful, amazing, beautiful time, it can also be one of sadness and heartache due to the loss of a loved one or some other trial. As I looked at the sparkling, white Christmas lights this morning during my Bible time, I thought of friends we know, who are going through that very thing. Please know we care about your pain.

November flew by with work, Operation Christmas Child shoebox preparation and then packing, family times, and some Christmas preparations. We also did our annual family photo (will share that later!), which with almost 30 of us is quite a feat.

Enjoy every moment of this special season celebrating Christ’s birth and His amazing gift to us.


A little snow on Anna’s birthday
Four generations: Mom, Gigi, Anna, Mary, and Calia
Setting up for family pictures
Even though Axton can’t quite walk, he enjoys standing up at the little kitchen, and Kyle is pretty fond of the kitchen too.
We enjoyed some warmer days.
It’s sweet to see the grandkids playing with toys we did when we were little.
Sister times
Ellie does not like the little kids’ trikes and bikes driving in her direction, so she kept an eye on Danny and his delivery “vehicle” during an Operation Christmas Child packing time.
Arnold can be found in some of the most unusual places (like hiding in a bag).
John and Chelsy had us over for dinner one evening. Chelsy prepared a delicious meal, including food Dad and Mom could eat.
On a very mild November afternoon, Christopher’s family tilled up ground for a new garden. They covered it with compost for the winter.
Tortilla helpers Lydia and Ruthie as Abby and Betsy weren’t available
I was so excited as the Lord provided wood for us through a neighbor. We often heat the basement (where my office is) with a cozy fire in the stove, and our wood stash ran low. God provided!
Time with Chelsy and Axton one morning
Anna and Mary decorated Gigi’s house for Christmas
Nathan and Melanie’s family was very excited to fly out of state to visit Melanie’s sister for Thanksgiving. This was Tina and under’s first time to fly!
Anna babysitting Axton and sneaking in some work too.
A game of Jenga going on
Baking Christmas cookies with Calia
Christopher and Anna Marie took their three oldest to a Christmas concert at Kauffman
Anna babysat for Nathan and Melanie to have some time away
We were so blessed to attend the Messiah again this year.
Christopher and family were the innkeepers for a time shift at Walk Through Bethlehem. Notice their “extra” person (Christina). 🙂
Babies were scarce this year for the cast, but Nathan, Melanie, and Deborah volunteered.

Anna and Mary have had it on their hearts to bring some of their friends from Bible club to Walk Through Bethlehem. This year, with some hard work behind the scenes to coordinate things, it all came together. Sunday evening, Anna, Jesse, and Mary took a van full of kids to WTB. As the kids walked through “Bethlehem,” they were in awe and began trying to grasp it all. We’ve grown up in Christian homes, and we know very well the Christmas story–the heart of Christmas–but these sweet kids didn’t. They asked so many questions too: about sin, consequences, the devil, and so much more. It was an incredible evening, and we pray the seeds sown bring forth fruit.

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come,
and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.”
Isaiah 60:1

8 thoughts on “Random Life From Snow to The Heart of Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas Maxwells!! Thank you for sharing snippets of your life. It is all very interesting and inspiring!!!

  2. Such a good post today! Warms our hearts to see this loving family doing so much. We will be praying for those young souls to receive Christ this Christmas season. I got teary -eyed to see Melanie and Nathan and baby at the end. Love the maxwells! Such a godly inspiration to us all.

  3. That marble run can hold up to anything. My kids played with one that was my brother’s!
    I think things like WTB or los posadas are excellent ways to experience Bible stories. Some kids get it just by reading but a multi sensory experience can really bring it home.

  4. Very interesting to learn about Walk Through Bethlehem! I had never heard of that until this post, thank you for sharing it! Also, Deborah and Axton are so cute, and it is such a blessing that the cousins live so near each other (our cousins have always been a few hours away). Just wanted to say you guys are an encouragement to me and we read your blog posts every week. God bless you and your dedication to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!

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