Thanksgiving Recap

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving, and life has been so fast-paced, it felt nice to linger around the table, talking. Plus, with a day off work, it provided an opportunity for taking down two dead trees and other projects (like some book brainstorming for me). I’m grateful for parents who have encouraged us in being productive during our single years.

I still am planning a Random Life for this week, so watch for that!


A happy group of onlookers
Dad and Mom, who prepared and ate a non-traditional, vegetarian dinner
Dad didn’t eat any turkey
Their special vegan–sugar free pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving is a smaller gathering for us family-wise but still a special group
Time in God’s Word

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the
which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.”
Colossians 3:15

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap”

  1. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving from the U.K.
    I’m curious to know if the dietary changes your parents have made have helped with your mum’s back pain?

  2. I’m still wondering what dress pattern Anna Marie is using. I can’t find one like it anywhere!

    1. Hi Kristy,

      We will likely do a blog post about that pattern at some point. Meanwhile, this might get you started! I found a free pattern download for a peasant dress tunic here, that I adapted to make the bodice for the girls’ dresses (I think I made it slightly narrower, maybe lengthened sleeves a bit, etc. with a mock-up until it fit how I wanted it). Then I figured out how long I wanted it when finished, how many tiers on the skirt, etc., and cut strips of cloth, sewed together into one very long strip, and used my serger/gathering feature to attach them. Since there are no buttons or zippers, and the serger did all the gathering, it makes a simple, quick sewing project – once you figure out your pattern elements.

  3. This was also our first Thanksgiving where a family member (my husband) had to eat vegetarian for health reasons. I must confess that he just ate sides – I didn’t even attempt to make a turkey alternative for him. So I would be really interested in hearing some more about your vegetarian recipes.

    I would also appreciate some tips on how you manage meal planning and cooking when you have two sets of meals to make. My husband is able to prepare his own meal but our kitchen is small so he oftentimes gets in the way. With homeschooling and other chores, I am Finding it difficult to make the same quality of meals for everyone.

    1. Our turkey alternative was black bean burgers. That is Steve’s favorite, and he chose that over a pot pie I had planned to try making. We are planning to post about Steve and my menus and recipes about once a month.

      What ages are your children?

    1. Yes, Steve has moved to a plant-based diet due to his coronary artery disease and following the dietary guidelines from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s The End of Heart Disease book.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m always grateful for anything you feel led to share concerning your plant-based diet. We had a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal, as well. My husband and I have a different diet than our children, due to some medical concerns. We follow a Dr. Fuhrmans’s suggestions, as well. We had a lentil loaf for the main dish, some vegan mashed potatoes, salad/veggies, and fruit. We also made a health apple crisp dessert. I just asked the kids what dishes they wanted to go along. Some wanted a little turkey breast others wanted sweet potatoes and our family fudge. We made it work!:) Any help with menus/meals would be helpful, as we’re getting tired of my main go-to dishes. I truly appreciate you transparency and encouragement in this area. Thank you! P.S. Three of our family members were able to work at the OCC processing center in Charlotte this year. Loved it! So blessed!

    1. Sounds like you worked the meal our very well for all of you. So glad some of your family was able to volunteer at the OCC processing center in Charlotte!

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