Random Life From Summer Heat to Cozy Autumn

It’s a gorgeous, autumn Sunday afternoon as I prep this Random Life post. We went from temperatures in the 90s the end of September, to temperatures in the lower 30s at night, cool days, and snow predicted for this coming week. Hello, autumn! Hues of orange, brown, and the occasional vibrant red fill the neighborhood and surrounding countryside.

September and October have been full with work, ministry, and traveling for some. We’re grateful to the Lord for His enabling grace.

What is something you enjoy about autumn? I’d love to hear it!

Taking apart GiGi’s fence for a tree project
That slide needed some serious cleaning.
Bethany teaching Grandpa and Grandma a new game on her birthday night at our house last month
Axton with Grandma. That’s the blessing of being near relatives: spur of the moment the parents can go out for dinner, and we’re happy to watch the little one(s).
These two. I guess it’s like monkey see, monkey do?
Girls prepping fruit (using butter knives :))
We girls did a church event: Mary face painted, Anna twisted balloons, and I took photos for the event.
Christopher and Anna Marie went to St. Louis for the Scriptorium and also enjoyed the zoo.
Reciting at the Scriptorium
Deborah is so adorable!
Calia and Mom have time together each week, and here they’re all suited up for the rain (thanks to borrowing one of the aunt’s raincoats).
I wonder if this is similar to waiting for water to boil?
This is quite a bike line up!
A random Sunday capture
When so many are over, the hall can be a quieter place to gather. Here Anna is with a child from each family!
For one of the days at Bible Club, Anna applied for and was granted the firemen to bring in their truck and talk about it with the kids. The kids were so thrilled!
Mary sharing a Bible story
Garage sale-ing one morning
The cousins love spending time together.
I’m tellin’ you!
Enjoying some time with friends
Reading with Grandma
Time with friends
Some of the families had a picnic at the Riverfront Park, and here Christopher is witnessing to a man.
Deborah’s first time accompanying Nathan on a run
Anna Marie and Gigi
Autumn beauty

“The eyes of all wait upon thee;
and thou givest them their meat in due season.”
Psalm 146:15

12 thoughts on “Random Life From Summer Heat to Cozy Autumn”

  1. I was wondering if you could share more about the Bible Club. If you did a past post, I’m happy to review that:-)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I always look forward to new blog posts as I just love to see smiling faces, especially on the children, and families joyfully serving The Lord.
    My favorite things about this time of year is the foliage and hiking/biking without getting carried off by bugs!
    Also my family and I always look forward to a missionary who comes to visit our church every September for the past 22yrs.
    He always has an encouraging message to share from God’s word. Also,it is so wonderful to hear the testimonies he shares of people coming to know Christ as Saviour.

    1. Rosemarie,

      Thank you for your comment. YES! Isn’t it a blessing to be rid of bugs to enjoy the outdoors? The missionary time sounds great. It is so encouraging to hear others serving the Lord.

  3. Wonderful photos of sweet family times together!
    I always enjoy seeing what you all have been busy with, and especially enjoy the photos of the children (and Arnold & Ellie!). 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing with us!
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  4. Fall for us here in the great state of Texas means we can actually go outside without suffocating from the heat and I’m loving it!!

    The kiddo’s are darling as usual!

    We have visited the St. Louis zoo once and it was so awesome!!

    Thanks for the fun post Sarah!


  5. I love the all the autumn beauty in these photos!!! And those adorable kiddos. *Insert a million heart eyes* 😀 Such a great post, Sarah!!

  6. I love seeing all the pics in your Random Life posts! The children are growing so quickly and Ellie and Arnold never fail to amuse! I love autumn because it finally cools off and being outdoors is more enjoyable.

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