Christian Children’s Books You Can Trust

The Moody Family Series continues to be a trusted resource by families all over. It’s pretty frequent a letter arrives in our mailbox telling how much they love the Moodys books AND now Finding Change. The sequel is in the works. It is an exciting story, and there have been many pieces to the puzzle which take prayer and lots of brainstorming. It’s coming together, and I hope to begin writing the first draft next month.

Christmas time is around the corner, and I encourage you to consider blessing a child in your life with a children’s book from Titus2. If you order $35 or more from Titus2 (excluding download only orders), you can take your pick of a Christmas Moody story, for free. Even if you’re not familiar with the Moodys, you’ll love the Christmas books.

One faithful reader blessed me with a very special poem about the Moodys. She also was a great “tester” for listening to the story plot of Finding Change.

The Moody Family Poem
by Faith S.

Faith, the author of The Moody Family Poem

Dad loves Mom
And he loves the Lord,
He loves his children,
And brings them up in God’s Word.

Mom works hard
To take care of all their needs,
Homeschooling and cleaning,
She follows where the Lord leads.

Max is the oldest,
He enjoys helping Dad,
And he comforts his siblings
When they are sad.

Mollie likes to bake,
And is a helper to Mom,
She loves the Lord and is sweet and calm.

Enthusiastic Mitch
Is a helper to all
And some of his ideas
Are not so small.

Curly-haired Maddie
Is a cheerful little girl.
She is bouncy and fun
Always with a happy twirl.

Melissa and Moses:
A girl and a boy!
The twins are fun and happy,
They like munching on a toy.

The Moodys love each other,
And they for each other care,
Spreading the love of Jesus,
Over Sunflower and everywhere!

“Let us therefore follow after the things which make for
peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.”
Romans 14:19

12 thoughts on “Christian Children’s Books You Can Trust”

  1. What a great poem!!!

    I have a copy of Finding Change, but have not got to opening it yet – maybe on a rainy day =) We will definitely be looking forward to the sequel! I pray that all your hard work goes smoothly!

  2. I just love the wonderful attitude that shines so brightly through the lines of Faith’s poem. Good job on your poem and your heart for the Lord!

  3. Great poem Faith! I also love writing poems and reading the Moody series and Emma and Ethan stories! God Bless you. Thanks for your blog Maxwells!
    Jessica-13 (Ottawa,Ontario)

      1. Thanks Miss Sarah. My sisters and I have read all of your books. I will send you a poem if I have one I think you will like. Thank you for being a blessing! Keep serving Jesus, and PLEASE tell me if you are ever near Ottawa,Ontario. I would love to meet you.
        Love and Prayers “IJN” 🙂

  4. What a sweet poem. We need to complete our Moody series. I’m just pulling it out of storage to see what we have vs what we need. It was my now 21 yo daughters favorite series and now I’m starting it with my 10 & 3 yo girls.

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