Wholesome and Inexpensive Outing

A relay race :: Christopher, Mary, and Anna
Passing the baton on for the relay race.

Steve and I delight to see our children investing in their children (our grandchildren) with memory-making, wholesome outings. A trip to the park for a walk (or for the littles it was strider and bike rides) and picnic isn’t costly, but it is exciting for them and becomes part of those precious family memories they will treasure in years to come. 

Christopher’s most recent outing included invitations to the rest of the family who might be free and spur-of-the-moment able to come to Weston Bend State Park for a walk and picnic. So on our family text thread, they told their plans and invited anyone who wanted to come and could to join them. John, Chelsy, and Axton were available for the walk. Our girls joined for the walk and picnic, and Steve and I went out with Gigi for the picnic. 

Trusting in Jesus,

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
he leadeth me beside the still waters” (Psalm 23:1-2).

5 thoughts on “Wholesome and Inexpensive Outing”

  1. Hi All,
    Super photos as always!
    Makes we want to go to the park and play!
    Just wanted to ask about internet protection.
    I know you have shared before you use accountability for u.
    Do you use anything else?
    I think K9 that you recommended in managers for schools is no longer running.
    The reason i am asking is because we need to put something on our computers especially as the children use them etc.
    Thanks again and God bless,

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, K9 is no longer available. We now use Accountable2You (AU) — (our Titus2 affiliate link) but we switched to that even before K9 went away because of problems we were having with K9. We have been pleased with AU.

      1. Hi Sarah,
        Thank for your reply and help.
        Good to hear from you!
        Every blessing to you all,

  2. Going to the park for a picnic is something I always enjoy doing. Even roadside parks when traveling can be amusing. Finding and hiding painted rocks brings much joy to little and geocaching can be a fun hunt for the olders.

    1. The painted rocks sounds fun. We used to have a neighbor who hid marbles in her gravel driveway for Nathan and Melanie’s children to find. We haven’t tried geocaching.

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