Jesse’s Birthday Recap

Jesse’s birthday evening, we hosted a family party complete with an awesome spread of Mexican food. There is so much joy and commotion all mixed into one big package when all 20 something of us are together. When there are many conversations going at once, it can be hard to hear the person you’re talking to! The dynamics between all the cousins are very cute as well.

The little ones are also at the age where they love to make/give cards. So special!

A big brother!
Ellie loves to take care of the crumbs from highchairs (and the floor!) after the kids are through.
Looks like John is discussing the pros / cons of a healthy cracker with the sisters-in-law.
Bible time is a special part of our evenings.
What a cute crew!
Plenty of eager helpers
Usually the middle of the living room is filled with little kids and their antics

Did you catch the hint up near the top? Yep! The Maxwell family continues to grow. Joseph and Elissa are excited to welcome Baby #3 early next year (late January/early February). Elissa and Anna Marie’s babies will again be quite close together. We rejoice with a family who welcomes children as a gift from the Lord!

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”
Psalm 127:3

21 thoughts on “Jesse’s Birthday Recap”

  1. Enjoying all the lovely photos!
    Many congratulations to the new mums to be.
    Keeping you all in our prayers.
    Sending our love from the UK.

  2. I loved reading about your family birthday celebration! What a wonderful chaotic party. I was amused by the children who are at an age where they like to make cards, because our kids have continued that tradition through their teen/young adult years! It is so fun to see everyone’s creativity and uniqueness shine through in the cards they create. Margaret’s birthday squirrels make regular appearances, insanely tall, 40-something layer cakes for Mom and Dad are drawn by a couple of the kids, and on a recent birthday our meteorology-loving family were amused by the swirling hurricane drawn for the birthday person by our 6 year old. Anyway, my point is to encourage the kids to do this for others for as long as possible!

  3. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures of your growing family! It warms my heart… As I am enjoying motherhood and praying the Lord do a work in the hearts of my children. I look forward to God’s plan in expanding our family such as this! Truly, a gift from God our precious families!!! Deut. 6
    Looks like Ellie has recovered nicely and is enjoying herself too! Congratulations to Elissa and Joseph!

  4. Thanks for sharing. So fun to see all of you together! I thought maybe Elissa might be pregnant from the 1st photo but really couldn’t be sure. So excited about the new children arriving! Love the picture of Deborah. You are so blessed to have this wonderful big family!I also love the fur babies, Ellie and
    Arnold. Loved the shot of Ellie cleaning the highchair.

    1. Yes, it is wonderful to see the family expand! Ellie is super excited about little kids in general, and then the crumbs they drop?! She will take care of all the highchairs!

  5. It looks as though you had a fun night, it’s great to see the children joining in and enjoying themselves, they’re all growing up so fast. I myself come from a large family, and it keeps growing with myself, my siblings our spouses and our ever growing number of children joining the crew! Congratulations to the expectant mothers, pregnancy is a very special time, my husband and I welcomed our second child, another daughter, into our arms two weeks ago, each new life is a true blessing to treasure.
    I also have an animal, but ours is a cat, that hoovers up everyone’s crumbs!

  6. when we have family gathering…. there are 4-5 different languages in our household its hard to hear all the conversations going on at once too….especially during new year when there is new year celebration (more than 60-100 relatives in 1 home)….

  7. Such a FUUUUN post and so many fabulous photos!! Super excited for Joseph and Elissa. Congratulations!!

  8. Congratulations, Elissa and Joseph! That is so exciting! How far along is she?
    When is Anna Marie due again?
    Happy Birthday, Jesse!

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