Melanie Maxwell’s Pick for An Extra Curricula Filler

Sometimes it’s nice to have a productive filler for homeschool kids, and when I asked Melanie what a favorite pick was for the prior school year, here’s her answer.

The Never Bored Kid Books!

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With dot-to-dots, puzzles, riddles, word games, and more, there are plenty of things to encourage kids in their learning skills. As with all things, one must use discernment. If Melanie comes to a page that doesn’t meet what they’d like for their kids to do (i.e. magic or scary themes), she’ll just tear it out.

The Never Bored Kid Books might be a good addition to your homeschool day.


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4 thoughts on “Melanie Maxwell’s Pick for An Extra Curricula Filler”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I am always on the lookout for kid’s activity books. I can even get them here in Austria!

  2. What about reading? What kind of books do they read? Growing up we would go to the library every week and pick out books. Loved reading books like the box car mysteries.

    1. Nathan and Melanie have quite a few books and quite a variety of them. They have recently been enjoying the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series. The Biscuit dog series is one the younger ones like.

      Weekly library trips are challenging for a homeschooling mom of six. I think Melanie relies on their in-house reading collection. Anna Marie makes regular trips to the library, but I don’t think it is weekly.

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