Hiking With a Twist

Since we’re in a new area, we’re excited to explore and try new hikes. Monday morning, we set out on a hike to a lake. We soon found we had some unexpected “visitors” — mosquitoes. We became pretty adept at swatting at them and also were thankful for the bug spray Anna brought. Despite the mosquitoes, the terrain and scenery were lovely and the company delightful. After a couple of hours of hiking, we arrived at Thompson Lake, which was a small, marshy body of water. We didn’t stay too long (mosquitoes tend to keep one moving) but soon continued further on the trail for a while. The stately aspen groves were so pretty, and sometimes we could see the little town in the valley where we are staying. Near the beginning of the trail, we walked by a cemetery that actually went up the mountain, with the trail on either side, and into the woods. We’d never seen anything like that before, and some of the graves were quite recent.

Jesse stayed back to work; we’re grateful he can take some time off other times during the week to hike, and we’re grateful for good Wifi.


Anna found the perfect weed for tickling–felt a lot like the mosquitoes 🙂

“And the heavens shall declare his righteousness:
for God is judge himself. Selah.”
Psalm 50:6

Traveling Over Mountain Passes to Our Cabin Destination

Dad and Mom enjoying a walk on their anniversary

We broke our trip up to the cabin in two days (Friday and Saturday), which made it more relaxing and also gave us time to shop. Since we’re in a new area this year, and it’s very remote, the tiny groceries stores are very expensive. Mom is our master list extraordinaire, and she planned out what we could get at home and then what we needed closer in.

Our drive up Saturday involved a lot of traffic a lot of beautiful views. We stopped for coffee at a favorite place and then continued on.

View of Princeton–always love this one

When we reached Monarch Pass, we went on a little hike. At the top, the wind was so crazy strong, it was hard to even stand upright. Dad thought it was about 50 mph! Needless to say, we didn’t stay too long on the top but headed back down.

We reached our cabin by early evening, and it’s so delightful. The views of mountains out the windows are stunning, the sound of a nearby river flowing, the wind through the pine trees, and amazing family times. We celebrated Mom’s birthday too.

Sunday, we walked to a little church and enjoyed worship there. We’re so grateful for this opportunity to be away.

We met a lady at church who used Managers of Their Homes when homeschooling.
Enjoying the river


“Thy righteousness is like the great mountains;
thy judgments are a great deep: O Lord, thou
preservest man and beast. How excellent is thy
lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children
of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.”
Psalm 37:6-7

Happy Birthday, Mom, AND Happy 45th Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to our incredible Mom! You are constantly giving of your energy and resources to others. Your love for Jesus shines through what you write, the way you live, and the words you speak. You spent 30 years investing in your children’s education–with no pay or retirement. We “kids” are so grateful for your sacrifice and your continual outpouring into our lives as adults.

Dad and you are the most amazing team! You have been a huge support to him during this time as you changed your diets.

Your grandkids adore you and love their grandma-time playing or reading books.

Your daughters-in-law are so grateful for the way you raised their husbands.

Ladies across the world count you as their Titus2 mentor, and you make time for them, investing in them.

So, Happy Birthday, Mom! We’re at your favorite place to be in the mountains.

This is also a big day as Dad and Mom celebrate 45 years! What a testimony of God’s faithfulness and their commitment and love to each other. We are beyond blessed to have a godly heritage.

“Her children arise up, and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praiseth her.”
Proverbs 31:28

“The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places;
yea, I have a goodly heritage.”
Psalm 16:6

Colorado Bound

Y’all, we are almost Colorado bound! We’re headed to new territory (to us), and we can’t wait to share our hiking adventures. We treasure these times as a family and in the mountains.


Wrapping gifts. We have two birthdays to celebrate in Colorado.
Mom prepping some of her and Dad’s food
We had lunch with one of Mom’s friends. today A sweet lady who has coordinated two conferences in years gone by.
Christopher’s family is watching Ellie. They printed this for me when I took her over.

“Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion
one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous.”
1 Peter 3:8

County Fair Ministry Part 1

We had another amazing year at the Leavenworth County Fair. We get a booth and do face painting and balloons for kids at no cost. It’s an incredible, intense, and exciting way to bless people and share the gospel. After the child receives their balloon creation or face paint, Anna or Mary give them the tract of the night. The child’s face lights up, and most hold onto the tract like a prized treasure.

People are so grateful. One woman told us that this is what her kids look forward MOST to at the fair.

The family support we have for this ministry is incredible. So many help out and invest. Christopher also came specifically to walk around and share the gospel with people several nights.

Two new tracts (to us!) we would definitely recommend are from Answers in Genesis.

  • Is God Real?
  • Dino bucks (it’s like Living Waters’ Million Dollar Bill with a clear gospel message on the back)

We’ll share more in Part 2 about our time at the fair. God is so good.


A little guy with his balloon dinosaur (great job, Anna!) and his Dino buck!
Those puppy faces have got to be one of the cutest on little kids.
I thought this puffer fish adorable.
This little girl was so happy because it was her first time EVER to get her face painted. She hugged Mary out of sheer joy.
Octopus’ were definitely well-sought out from the kids.
He wanted a beard.
Anna somehow can pump, twist, keep track of all the steps to the balloon creation AND talk to the children at the same time. That’s incredible.
Christopher sharing (and Joshua was with him too)
Anna did a great job getting down on kids’ level. This little guy looked like a farmer in the making.
That’s a dino combo.
There’s a real story behind this picture. Anna and Mary had their frequent flyers — kids who would stop by quite often through the week and also year to year. Several are above. Anyway, this crew came by because one of their friends/brother had showed his heifer that evening, and they’d completely forgotten to watch. He’d been to all their showings, so they felt really horrible to have missed. To make up for it, they wanted a trophy (balloon) made, Dino bucks, and candy as restitution for missing it. Very cute.

“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of
my mouth: it shall not return unto me void,
but it shall accomplish that which I please,
and it shall prosper
in the thing whereto I sent it.”
Isaiah 55:11

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad. You are such a blessing to each one of us. We love you dearly. We’re grateful for your incredible example as a man of God. Your wisdom and maturity in Christ shine through your life.

You pour your heart into the Titus2 ministry and sharing with dads and families everywhere. You also faithfully shepherd our little church and without fail prepare sermons. Mom and you are a beautiful example of faithfulness and love for almost 45 years now, and you love your expanding family.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Steve and Teri Maxwell

“Let the elders that rule well be counted
worthy of double honour, especially they
who labour in the word and doctrine.”
1 Timothy 5:17