Colorado Odds and Ends

We had a delightful time in Colorado and arrived home last night. There is something refreshing about leaving your normal routine/work schedule and being away. The mountains truly are a symbol of God’s majesty. Saturday evening, we took our family photo next to a gorgeous mountain stream.

We have more hikes to share about but in the meantime, here are some random pictures.


The little grocery store wasn’t your typical store–but it had most groceries.
The girls brainstorming ideas for their Bible club.
The VRBO cabin we stayed at in Lake City.
Dad grilling for us
On our way out of the mountains, we stopped in the town we normally vacation near. Some of us went for a short little hike after church.
We enjoyed sweet fellowship with our friends outside of Denver.
We helped them with some projects, including cooking.
Jesse working
With our friends, we made desserts with at least one unusual ingredient, and then let our families vote on them.
The brothers cut and served the desserts so that things would stay more anonymous.
Yesterday, on our final leg of the trip, we stopped by friends to share a meal with them.

“Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the
glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in
the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom,
O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all.”
1 Chronicles 29:11

12 thoughts on “Colorado Odds and Ends”

  1. Yesterday we too came back home from a trip to the mountains (Switzerland) which was very beautiful. We even went for a hike with our three children (5,2,2 months).
    On our way home we did the same as you: we visited friends 🙂

    Yes, it has been refreshing to be in God’s nature (as a keeper at home I’m inside the house most times…)!

  2. Wow, It looks like you had a great trip!
    I love the idea of the desserts with unusual ingredients to be voted on! I did something like that with cupcakes, and it was very fun!
    Which dessert won?

    1. Ours (the M&M topped one) included a light sprinkling of Parmesan cheese and then black beans pureed into the Oreo and butter crust. One would have to think hard to figure it out as we had ice cream, pudding, etc in there. 🙂 The voted winner was the one topped with whipped cream, although their unusual ingredients were never disclosed, lol.

  3. I have been to Colorado twice. It is so beautiful out there!!! Truly a testament to the awesome and amazing power of the Creator!!!!! I’m glad that you all had a good time!

    Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. Psalm 90:2 ESV

  4. The “unusual ingredients” dessert game sounds super fun! Keeping that in mind for my next dinner party. I’m glad you had a nice vacation. You definitely deserve it! Also, I’m sure you’re sick of the “where did you get XYZ” comments, but I must ask about your sunglasses! I’ve been looking for a pair like that for ages; do you remember where you found then?

    1. It was, Katie. We didn’t have much time to plan as literally we girls decided “let’s do it,” and jumped in the car to go to the store. If we’d had more time to think, there would definitely be more options there! Time away was amazing. It seems it has been so busy. Actually, I have a hard time finding sunglasses that I like and that don’t give me a headache. I got these from Zappos. Here’s the link. My only “complaint” is if you want to wear them up on your head (as in not in use), they don’t stay put very well. Other than that, they’re great.

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