Happy 23rd Birthday, Mary!

Mary with nieces and nephews

Happy 23rd Birthday, Mary! We’re so happy you get to celebrate another birthday in the mountains–for the record, this is the ninth consecutive in Colorado.

Mary is sold out to the Lord Jesus and her passion is serving Him especially in ministry to children. Her eyes sparkle and her happy laugh are a testimony to the joy of the Lord being her strength. She loves to help others and does so with a true servant’s heart.

With Bible club friends

Mary treasures her time in God’s Word and is faithful to deepen her walk.

We hope you have a delightful birthday in God’s Word, hiking, enjoying chocolate, a latte, and great family times. We love you!

Making happy kids
Mary Maxwell

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his
righteousness; and all these things

shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

20 thoughts on “Happy 23rd Birthday, Mary!”

  1. Love the photos!!!

    🙂 🙂 Nice that you’re enjoying your time in Colorado. His blessings return upon you many times over, Mary, what a joy to see a life sold out for God…amazing work He does when a person submits to His will.

    Happy holidaying!
    love Sarah

  2. Happy Birthday Mary.
    Congratulations on everything you do, you are a wonderful example to us all.
    Know you will have a super day with your family on holiday!
    May your personal new year be really blessed.
    Sending our love to you all,

  3. Oh wow! Mary has grown up before our eyes.

    Mary, you are such a beautiful lady and your heart for ministry really shows through on this platform. I can only imagine the life you give to Jesus that we don’t get to see. Hoping you have the most beautiful and blessed birthday ever!
    Happy Birthday from Texas!

    J and S

    1. Thank you, Johnna! So sweet of you. Yes, I am so grateful for the ways God has given to love others!
      Much love!

  4. Happy, happy birthday, dear Mary!!!!! I hope it will be beautifully blessed, filled with many reminders of how much you’re LOVED!

    You are a beautiful inspiration to me! Keep shining His light so brightly!
    With love,
    ~Martha Joy

  5. Happy Birthday, Mary!!! Praying that God would bless you on your special day. You are an encouragement to so many and it’s wonderful seeing your love for Jesus through all your ministry. Have a wonderful day in Colorado!

  6. Happy Birthday Mary! I’m blessed by your energy and love for the Lord. May He richly bless you all the days to come!! Psalm 147:11

  7. Belated birthday greetings to Teri and Mary….as well as Anniversary to Steve and Teri!
    Hope you are enjoying your Colorado adventures.

  8. Happy Birthday Mary! You are a great encouragement to my three daughters! You are a RARE GEM!!! God is using this computer/tool to show my family what it means to “follow Christ!” Sadly, we don’t have anyone among us to show us what this looks like. Praise God for all your lives! Words cannot express our gratitude to Him for the kingdom work that is being accomplished through your Ministry! Happy Trailing! Proverbs 22:17

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