Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad. You are such a blessing to each one of us. We love you dearly. We’re grateful for your incredible example as a man of God. Your wisdom and maturity in Christ shine through your life.

You pour your heart into the Titus2 ministry and sharing with dads and families everywhere. You also faithfully shepherd our little church and without fail prepare sermons. Mom and you are a beautiful example of faithfulness and love for almost 45 years now, and you love your expanding family.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Steve and Teri Maxwell

“Let the elders that rule well be counted
worthy of double honour, especially they
who labour in the word and doctrine.”
1 Timothy 5:17

20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Steve.
    I can tell you lost a lot weight.
    You look so healthy and radiant.
    I pray that you have many more years to share with us your wisdom.
    You were and you are an inspiration to us.

    Have a blessed birthday with your wonderful family,

    1. Hi Susi,
      Most definitely I feel really good. We have learned a lot since March. The passion of our hearts is to be a blessing and encouragement to Christian families so knowing you have benefited makes our hearts rejoice. God is so, good.

  2. Happy Birthday Steve! I’m still following Titus2 and enjoying all the activities of your precious family!
    Also praying for your health and Thanking God you’re doing well!

    God Bless, Cecile

    1. Thank you so very much. We are delighting in God’s mercy and goodness.
      May God bless you richly.

  3. Happy Birthday Steve. It is amazing that even with a family your size you still take time to help and minister to an incredible number of men, many that you may never even meet this side of Heaven.
    Hope you have a splendid day!

    Birthday Blessings From Texas,

    1. Johnna,
      So many, many dads need just a bit of encouragement, maybe no friends, heavy work, or not in a solid church. The Lord is so good.

  4. Happy Birthday, Steve!!! Please know how appreciated you are and have Teri give you a hug from me and the kids.

    In Christ,


  5. Happy Birthday, Mr. Maxwell! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with good family fellowship and memories. God bless you! Anna
    -Psalm 97:12

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