Welcome Home, Anna and Mary!

After almost 8 weeks, we welcomed Anna and Mary home. What a joyful, happy reunion. It seems so much happened during those 8 weeks, but how grateful we are for their safe arrival. Thank you for praying for them. Their ministry bore much fruit. They had about a week to settle in before the fair ministry started. We’ll share more on the fair soon.


Dad wasn’t able to come inside the airport due to the parking lots being full.

Lots of the nieces and nephews and most of the sisters-in-law were at our house, with their welcome home sign to surprise the girls. I loved seeing all the family’s excitement. Anna and Mary are WELL loved.

Special gifts
Anna was already running around with the kiddos

These sisters of mine jumped into life again, including special times with family. They went shopping for shoeboxes too with back to school things being “in” right now.

“Thy testimonies are wonderful:
therefore doth my soul keep them.”
Psalm 119:129

7 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Anna and Mary!”

  1. Absolutely love the picture of Anna running to embrace her mom’s “arms-wide-open-hug!!!” The love of a mother! Something only God could give! We love to see children young or old embracing their parents with hugs and smiles! What a picture of the gospel! Blessings to you all!

  2. Welcome home Anna and Mary!

    I love seeing how God is using your servants’ hearts, turning people’s lives around. You both are a great inspiration!

    Many blessings,


  3. Your families hearts always are a blessing to me. You are all so encouraging. Welcome home ladies! (Do you think as a whole that your family and all its branches would sometime be willing to create a blog post with all their best book suggestions? Besides the Bible and the books we can get through your site.) I’d love to hear what books have encouraged you all the most. God Bless.

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