Ellie’s Recovery

Thank you for your kind words and love during Ellie’s illness and surgery. Ellie’s her spunky self again; she bounced back very quickly beginning Monday. Praise the Lord.

Although puppies for Ellie is no longer a possibility, and I am disappointed, that is nothing compared to dear friends going through enormous difficulties. One friend has been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. Another friend is losing her baby because of a genetic disease. How our hearts go out to them and how we pray for them.


“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 

23 thoughts on “Ellie’s Recovery”

  1. Grateful to read that Ellie is recovering so well! I know that makes you happy. I’ve prayed for your friends going through such deep trials. May the Lord be merciful to them and may they rest and trust in Him as they walk these difficult roads.

    Give Ellie a hug and a cookie for me!

    1. Thank you. Watching our friends go through these trials makes me realize how frail our life here on earth is!

      Yep, Ellie still gets a nice amount of treats. 🙂

  2. Dead Sarah,

    I will be praying for your friend with cancer….I had stage 3 cancer a couple of years ago, and I’m now in remission after chemo, radiation and surgeries. I hope your friend will be okay as well. The road to recovery is somewhat long, but I hope she will find that there are blessings to be found, even in cancer. I received so much love and support from people, I also made new friends during chemo treatments and become closer to God. Also, by sharing my cancer journey, several women were encouraged and convinced to finally go in for mammograms to ensure their health. My cancer was found during my first mammogram at 35 years old.

    Your friend will be in my prayers and I’m happy to hear Ellie is doing well.

    1. Marianne,

      I didn’t realize you’ve had Stage 3 cancer. Wow, you have been through a lot but so amazing that you’re in remission. Bless you. That is a hard journey.


  3. The Lord is the same through all these things – may He comfort your hearts. I will also pray for these ones who you have mentioned.

    Ellie is so so cute!

  4. Happy, content and loved are all over Ellie’s sweet face – okay yours too! So glad to hear the great news. Blessings to you Sarah!

  5. Love the sweet picture of you and Ellie,your fur baby. So, releaved she is healing and looks wonderful.

  6. Have you ever thought about having Ellie be a therapy dog?
    I’m not associated with them in anyway, but our son is a heart patient and the therapy dogs at the hospitals have helped us. Just a thought maybe something to pray about for her future. Blessings

  7. I’m glad Ellie’s better. It is sad when your dreams can’t come true, but God always works it together for good.

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