Baby Deborah Maxwell and the Story

Thank you all for your excitement over Deborah. She’s such a cutie! We stand in awe of the Lord’s grace in Nathan and Melanie’s lives over the years. They now are holding six children. This is from a couple who struggled with infertility, lost their firstborn, and also two babies through miscarriage. 

Melanie’s pregnancy with Deborah was her best yet! Her doctor is incredible, and they’ve used her since Andrew. Melanie is given progesterone to help keep her pre-term labor down. They gave the last shot right before 37 weeks. Even with progesterone, Melanie still has contractions but not labor. Everyone expected labor to kick in after the last shot wore off, but no! Baby Deborah must not have been ready.

Finally, Sunday night, Melanie knew the real thing had begun. She labored at home for awhile before they called Anna to come over to be with the kids. Then, a little before midnight, they left for the hospital, which is a good 45 minute drive. Three hours later, about 3:40 am, Deborah came very quickly. This also is Melanie’s best birth yet.

Deborah came so fast she had a lot of fluid in her lungs. They used oxygen on her for a short period. This sweet girl has a headful of dark hair and adorable, chubby cheeks. Although Nathan and Melanie did the first introduction via FaceTime, the real introduction came at the hospital.

All five siblings are over the moon, even big brother Benjamin, who relinquishes his baby spot. 

Background behind the name (from Nathan):
Deborah means a warrior, victor, fighter. It also means a bee—a creature that creates fruitfulness and beauty.

We have traditionally done character middle names for the girls. Carol is a song, a joy. Carol is also the middle name of a grandma and aunt, as well as a late great great grandma’s first name. Our desire is that she would create beauty and joy while being a fighter for Jesus Christ.

A strawberry concrete for Mommy! A well-deserved treat!
Benji and Drew, happy big brothers
The picture says it all!
Look at all Deborah’s dark hair.
Snuggles. Sister hearts are already knit!
Anna with Deborah
A happy grandma!

“I will be glad and rejoice in thee:
I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.”
Psalm 9:2

33 thoughts on “Baby Deborah Maxwell and the Story”

  1. Congratulations Melanie and Nathan on the birth of your beautiful daughter! God bless

  2. What a wonderful family and such a sweet baby girl. Love the name and all the dark hair. All my children had headfulls of black hair. May God send many blessings to this sweet little one.

  3. Congratulations to Nathan & Melanie! What a blessing each new little life is; Deborah looks so sweet! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kate!
      She is a super sweet little girl! She’s already “smiling” a lot, which thrills whoever happens to be on the receiving end!

  4. This is all such a joy!!!!!!

    Melanie, you went through so much in the last few weeks – letting patience have her perfect work! And now there are more challenges for patience. Your pre-labour, distance from the hospital, and birth time etc sounded so much like mine in January with our Abigail.

    We will be praying much for your feeding relationship together and that you would have peace.

    A blessing from Paul in 2 Thessalonians 3:16 –

    Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.

    Love and rejoicing in little Deborah Carol… she has such a sweet countenance.


    1. Sarah,
      It is fun we had similar birth experiences!
      Yes, the last weeks of waiting were tough…the labor (though quick) tougher…and now the joy of having her with us!
      So far nursing is going well, and I am exceedingly grateful to God for this!!

  5. What a joy to see such happiness and smiling faces. We were all praying for baby Maxwell’s arrival. And what a beauty she is. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Catherine,
      Thank you so much for praying!!! God was so gracious in blessing with a much smoother birth!
      May God bless you and your family!

  6. Thank you for these joyful pictures! I can relate to the happy grandma especially.

  7. Praise the Lord! She sure looks like one of the Nathan-Maxwell-Drew.
    I have tears in my eyes seeing this little one as I am looking forward to holding our third one in June (pregnant mom full of hormones) 😉
    The journey of Nathan and Melanie is amazing and so full of hope, faith and love!
    After years of infertility, 1 tubal pregnancy and 1 misscariage I am also so so blessed by our heavenly father. And I, too, feel that this is my best pregnancy yet.

    1. Simone,
      What an amazing journey you have had! I am so excited for your new little one expected next month!
      Treasure each moment…even the difficult moments are all worth it!!!
      May God give you grace, strength and courage!

      1. Thank you for your comment to “treasure each moment, even the difficult ones are all worth it” it is such a good reminder for me with things in my life.
        Congratulations to your beautiful family. Your family’s testimony for the Lord is amazing!!

  8. I’m very happy for Melanie and Nathan. We too know the heartbreak of infertility and miscarriage but the Lord knew what he was doing. Our son was conceived without medication when doctors said we wouldn’t get pregnant on our own. We had a very difficult pregnancy with 10 weeks of bed rest but our little guy made it to full term and is a happy healthy almost 2 year old

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. Praise the Lord for His blessing and praying for that same blessing for other couples who are dealing with infertility.

    2. Janet,
      What a joy that you have a little guy to fill your life now! Before being a mommy I never had a clue what pain (physical and emotional) a mother can go through. In spite of that, I can’t think of a greater privilege than being a mom!

  9. These pictures brought tears of happiness! What a sweet and wonderful family God has given them!

    1. Elyse,
      Thank you for rejoicing with us! We are humbled by God’s graciousness! Each child is such a gift!

  10. What a beautiful blessing! My son was also born on May 13th and the day after Mother’s Day. He turned 17 this year. I always tell him that he was the best Mother’s Day present ever, even though he was late. He was actually 13 days past the due date!

  11. I’m so happy for Melanie, Nathan, and family on the birth of precious Deborah. God is SO good!!
    Thanks for sharing these sweet photos. 🙂

  12. Congratulations to all of you! She’s beautiful. God is good.
    Did they know the gender of the baby beforehand or was it a surprise?

  13. Wow that’s a pretty fast labor!
    Deborah reminds me of what my sister joyanna looked like when she was born.

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