Deborah Carol Maxwell

Announcing Deborah Carol Maxwell, born early this morning, May 13th. She weighed exactly 8 pounds.

Deborah Maxwell
Deborah Carol Maxwell

Mommy and Deborah are doing great!

Melanie and Deborah

More to come soon. Thank you for rejoicing with us!

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”
Psalm 127:3

51 thoughts on “Deborah Carol Maxwell”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! She is beautiful and Melanie is glowing. Such a precious gift.

  2. Congratulations!
    Blessings for Deborah and your whole family!

    Prayers for a healthy and uneventful recovery from delivery for Melanie and prayers for Deborah as she grows.


  3. Awww! So precious. Congratulations Nathan and Melanie on your beautiful daughter.

  4. Congratulations to Nathan and Melanie!! Such a sweet little baby!
    We are so excited for you guys! I am going to be a first-time Aunt in September, and I can hardly wait to meet my little nephew/niece!!


    1. This is wonderful news! Looking forward to the story and how they picked her name. From the Bible or a family name!!


  5. What an adorable and precious blessing! And today is my grandpa’s birthday!

  6. Oh, how precious!!!!! Praises to our heavenly Father for such a beautiful blessing!!! I’m so excited with you and thankful for sweet baby Deborah Carol’s safe arrival!!
    With love,
    ~Martha Joy

  7. Congratulations! Deborah Carol is a lovely name and that baby is just sooo precious! So wonderful to hear Melanie had what sounds like a quick labor and safe delivery!!!
    With much love, joy, and excitement for your family,

  8. Congratulations! She is adorable! Are you pronouncing her name deb•ra or deb•or•ah?

  9. Congratulations to the entire family! Little Deborah Carol is adorable! And I love the name! So excited for you all.

  10. Little Deborah is beautiful. Thanking God for her safe arrival and for Melanie’s health too. God Bless all of you!

  11. Congratulations to the whole family! Love her name. Little Deborah shares her birthday with my husband and a sister.

    Love, Hanna L.

      1. Praise God and huge congratulations! My little girl was born on the 10th May and I have been thinking of Melanie waiting for her arrival. Praying for all as they adjust and as Deborah settles in.

  12. She is so sweet and I have always loved the name Deborah! I am glad that she and Melanie are both doing well. Is it okay if I ask, what time was she born?

  13. Wonderful news, beautiful name and lovely photos.
    Praise the Lord for a safe arrival!

  14. I’m so happy she is here and in Melanie’s arms!!!!!! She is beautiful like the rest of her kids! Doesn’t sound like she had a long labor! Praying for Melanie as she adjusts to another baby!!

  15. Congratulations Melanie and Nathan and Family! Praise God that Melanie’s pregnancy and delivery went well!
    Prayers of blessing over Deborah and family!

  16. Congratulations to the entire family, Deborah is a wonderful Godly name and she is a beautiful baby!

  17. Congratulations!!! And of course I think Deborah is an awesome name! Maybe she’ll become a “Debi”, too! Ha! ??

  18. Praise to the Lord – the Almighty – the King of Creation – the giver of LIFE! We prayed for this sweet precious baby! We are delighted to hear the wonderful news that baby Deborah Carol is here! She is precious, we look forward to watching her grow! Congratulations to you all! Psalm 113

  19. Congratulations! What a great name! Deborah was such a strong leader in the Bible. May your Deborah have the same strength of character and leadership! Enjoy your first days with this precious blessing!

  20. Congratulations to Melanie, Nathan and the kids! She’s adorable!

    Her name is lovely, and I like that they still are continuing the ABC name. Would Nathan and Melanie share how they chose her first and middle names?

  21. Wonderful new! Congratulations to Nathan, Melanie and the kids. Deborah is a bundle of joy…very precious.

  22. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the whole family! She looks like a little doll :)! We have been blessed with five boys and can imagine the wonderful welcome Deborah must have received from her siblings! God bless!!

  23. Just read this! Congratulations to the family! My girls are named Deborah Hope, Abigail Joy and Elora Faith.
    You can imagine how pleased Deb (6 yo) was when I showed her this post about the new baby.

  24. Congratulations on being blessed with such a beautiful little girl. My only grandson turned 6 that day. What a wonderful mother’s day gift

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