Out with the Old

GiGi’s porch has been falling apart over the past few years, and after some consideration, she decided to have it taken down.

Dad tackled the project one weekend by himself (the others were out of town). I love to watch Dad’s engineer mind work. He thinks through the ramifications and goes from there. The porch was attached to the house which made it more complicated. Everything came down safely. Joshua helped Dad a little in the beginning process. I enjoyed seeing Grandpa / Grandson working together. Sure, it would have been easier for Dad without Joshua, but Dad sees the value of working with boys and giving them purpose. My brothers are great examples of that. Dad involved in them in work projects when they were little, and now as adults, they tackle all kinds of home improvements projects. Because they know it’s possible!

It’s amazing how open GiGi’s back porch now feels. I’ll do a separate post on the dumpster process and the final “product.”

This is how it looked before demolition.
Joshua wanted to help, so he assisted with carrying some light items from the porch to a storage area.
Ellie came over with me and spotted Nathan and Melanie’s cats, perched on the neighbor’s fence.
Joshua pulled out screens.
GiGi enjoyed watching and talking with Dad.
It’s down!

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business?
he shall stand before kings;
he shall not stand before mean
Proverbs 22:29

6 thoughts on “Out with the Old”

  1. Wow, great work done by all, including the little helper! Will grandma have a new one built or does she prefer the new openness?

  2. What a nice update, seems like Gigi was very happy!I have a question about the picture of Steve on the roof…i can’t figure out what he’s doing! It looks like he’s in the middle of a big tire?? But that can’t be, haha. I have been staring at that picture off and on several times today trying to figure it out, haha. Thanks in advance for solving this mystery for me :).

  3. That’s so cute Joshua working with mr. Steve. My little brother Joshua loves to work with dad on just about anything.
    Ps – is Gigi mr. Steve or mrs. Teri’s mom?

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