The Countdown

Melanie and Baby are in the countdown! There is so much anticipation in their busy household–and really for everyone as we can’t wait to meet Baby! Melanie’s official due date is the 18th, but it’s not thought she’ll make it that far. One never knows, though. We’re grateful she’s past 37 weeks. Before 35 weeks, Baby automatically went to the NICU, and at 36, NICU attends the birth.

For those who are interested, here is Melanie’s track record of when her babies have been born.

Susannah, born at 33 weeks
Abigail, born at 34 1/2 weeks
Bethany, born at 38 weeks
Christina, born on her due date
Andrew, born at 35 weeks
Benjamin, born at 38 weeks

With that in mind, let’s have some guesses on when this baby will be born!

We’d covet your prayers for both Melanie and Baby.


Melanie and I stopped at a cute little coffee shop after an appointment last Thursday.

“For thou hast possessed my reins:
thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.”
Psalm 139:13

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  1. Praise the Lord, that’s great news!

    My countdown with #3 starts on June 1st πŸ™‚
    And there is still a lot to be done in a busy family – so I can totally relate.

    Good to know for Melanie that there are so many hands to help!

      1. On June 22nd. The midwife is “on call” from 37+0 to 42+0 weeks.

        My guess for Melanie: May 10th.

      1. I had my son on Mother’s Day in 2017. It was very special day in many ways.
        Greetings from Finland!
        Love, Mrs Hanna L. Long time reader; first time poster.

        1. So happy that you posted and sent greetings all the way from Finland. Very special. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day – by having a baby!

  2. Congratulations on the new baby and getting past 37 weeks. I’m sure that’s a big relief.

    My guess for baby’s arrival is May 8th.

    God Bless!!

    1. Yes, everyone was happy for Melanie to get past 37 weeks- doctor, Melanie, Nathan, and the rest of the family. May 8th would be Tuesday.

  3. I am praying for you, Melanie, and your baby.
    I guess week 39


  4. I don’t have any guesses for when Baby will come, but I know what it’s like to really never know. I have 10 children, and they arrived anywhere from 36 weeks to 42! Our daughter born at 36 weeks was #7, so until then, being that early was definitely not on the radar. The only pattern that emerged was alternating between being early and being late/”on time.” The one closest to her due date was 3 days away, late, but the midwife had changed my due date with her, so maybe that data doesn’t even count. Truly, God is the only one who knows, and His timing is always perfect!

  5. I think Mother’s Day would be a great delivery date!! So, I am guessing May 12. Not to pry, but will she try VBAC or just go for C-section when labor starts? She did have a C-section in the past, right? Either way, I am praying the baby gets here safely and Melanie stays safe too! So excited for her!!! She and baby are in my prayers!!

    1. Mother’s Day is getting the votes! Melanie has had two c-sections. Her last one was Christina so she has had two VBACs since then – Andrew and Benjamin. The doctor she had with Christina was no longer practicing here when Melanie needed a doctor for Andrew. So they found another one. I really think Nathan and Melanie expected to have a scheduled c-section with Andrew, but the doctor said, “Why would you do that?” They have the same doctor as they had with Andrew and Benjamin and they are very, very happy with her. Thank you for praying.

      1. On this note I just have to comment… Praise the Lord for a Doctor like that! I’m guessing week 39.

      2. That sounds good!!! Whatever Melanie has peace about!! I didn’t realize she had already had 2 VBAC’s. That is great! So glad to hear she is feeling good!!

      3. Halleluja for doctors who trust the natural process and avoid unnecessary interventions!

  6. This is such a sweet post, Sarah. I can tell you all are very excited! My guess is May 14th. πŸ™‚

  7. Congratulations, Melanie!
    You are doing so well, we think you’re going to make the due date!
    Lots of love from us all in the UK.

    1. And you know what the 18th is, right? Abigail’s birthday so they would have two birthdays on the same day. Abbie says she would like that.

    1. The 6th is Monday, and you even took the extra step of guessing weight and gender. For Chelsy’s baby shower, one of the games was go guess gender, birth date, and weight. We enjoyed that.

      1. Well, I’m just interested in what Nathan and Melanie would name a fifth daughter. I like the theme with their middle names.

  8. 5/20… Our baby’s first birthday, and it will let Melanie check off the “past due” box on her bucket list. πŸ™‚ So thankful she’s made it this far! Praying for a great delivery!

    1. The 20th would give Melanie another birth timing event, going past due date, she hasn’t yet experienced. Thank you for praying.

  9. Thankful for a healthy journey thus far!
    My guess will be May 18th…so baby shares with Abigail.
    β€œThe LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” – Zephaniah 3:17

    1. That would be very special for the baby and Abigail to share a birthday, especially since Abigail would like that. Beautiful verse. Thank you.

  10. Hrmmm….May 7 is a favorite day at our house – our twins were born that day (at 38wks 1day – so blessed!) and the day before Mother’s day that year too. So, I’m voting for that!

    Blessings and prayers as you all wait (especially for Melanie),

    1. Thank you for praying. Wow, twins just before Mother’s Day the year they were born. Tuesday would be a great day for the baby to be born.

  11. May 7th would be a lovely day to be born – it’s my daughters birthday! I’m guessing a little girl too! Prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy baby!

    1. I enjoy it, too, when others have birthdays on my children’s birthday. Last guess I approved who guessed gender was for a boy and yours is for a girl – 50/50.

  12. So exciting! I’ll put in my vote for a due date baby, it would be so fun for Abby to share a birthday with the little one! I’m also really excited to hear what the name is going to be!

  13. Mrs. Maxwell: praying that Melanie is feeling as well as she can be and that Baby also is not in any distress. Congrats to all. God bless!!!

    1. Melanie is feeling amazingly well. She has had such rough pregnancies, it is wonderful to hear her say, especially at her age, how much better she feels this pregnancy than other pregnancies. She’s radiant and beautiful.

  14. Posting from Ireland, our baby (our first!)is due on May 12th. Praying for a safe delivery for Melanie and please pray for me to. As for when baby will arrive ~ in its own good time πŸ™‚

    1. Wouldn’t that be great if both you and Melanie had your babies on your due date and Mother’s Day, the 12th? Do you celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May in Ireland? Will pray for a safe labor and delivery, and that it isn’t long plus a healthy baby – arriving in its own good time determined by God.

      1. Funnily enough Mother’s day in Ireland is celebrated in March, but Father’s day in both countries is the same. Thank you for your prayers.

  15. I guess her due date, the 18th! I saw in previous comments that the 18th is Abigail’s birthday! Two of my kids share a birthday, 4 years apart. They love sharing that special day!
    Can’t wait for the news when baby arrives! We have 6 kids, all around the same ages as Nathan and Melanie’s crew, my youngest just turned one! I love watching their family grow alongside mine. Love feom Arizona, Wendy

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