Grateful, It’s Worth It

I’m grateful for parents who want to grow old together. In a world that de-values marriage, it’s a joy to have parents who love each other and are committed. As Mom shares in her new book, My Delight, it’s not always been easy.

Only four months away from 45 years since they said “I Do,” my parents love to spend time together, and they are living boldly for Jesus! As an encouragement to our blog readers, know that your example is watched by your kids … and the world. Show them that your marriage is worth fighting for.

I love this quote from one of our pre-release readers of My Delight.

Many couples stay married only because they know they should and sadly settle for a marriage of strife or, at best, a ho-hum co-existence. Teri gives hope, from experience, that there is a better option – endeavor to build a delightful marriage. A wife can do much to create and maintain an enjoyable marriage, and this book gives both encouragement and ideas to realize that hope. Linda

“And the LORD God said, It is not good that the
man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”
Genesis 2:18

5 thoughts on “Grateful, It’s Worth It”

  1. How wonderful! I have heard the relationship between a husband and wife can be depicted by a triangle. With God at the top angle and husband and wife at the other two angles opposite each other, while both are looking towards pleasing God they work towards Him and are automatically drawn closer to each other. That has been the blessing in our marriage of almost 20 years! Thank you for the good Christ like example!

  2. Hi. Would you reccomend this book for young unmarried ladies to read, so the can learn how to bea good helpmeet even before they ge married? I’m 15 now and was wondering if this would be a good boom for me to read. 🙂

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