Sweet Journey

Sometimes a treasure comes into our hands. We received a several page letter from a young mom about her experience with Sweet Journey along with her filled-in copy of the book plus a few pages from her notebook. She wanted us to use what she sent in any ways that might encourage others. You will see from her pages that she is not only a lover of Jesus but a thinker and artist.

Here is part of her letter:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally write and let you know how valuable your book Sweet Journey has been in getting me back on the bandwagon of daily prayer and Bible reading. I am 27 years old with four children. 

Before, it was a chore to make time to open my Bible. It felt more productive to get the dishes done. Now I crave my Bible time. I am like Martha and Mary wrapped up in the same body! I now feel like I am better balancing my roles as mother, wife, daughter, and disciple. So nice! 

I wanted you to know how valuable your study was in providing a focused, attainable path back to daily Bible-reading and prayer. I now have a journal half-filled with chapters and am working on memorization again. I have torn out a few pages of the completed “Homework” assignments so you can see them and know that they were effective in my own sweet journey. I have also sent you my copy of your book, complete and filled out, as a gift to you and your family to say “thank you” for choosing to minister to mothers everywhere! Please look through the book to see months of progress.

What joy the contents of that package brought to our hearts. It’s our great desire for each of you to have a sweet journey with Christ. 

This book is a perfect compliment to My Delight. We’ve noticed some ordering the new book have also purchased Sweet Journey.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”
Psalm 119:105

2 thoughts on “Sweet Journey”

  1. That is really wonderful 🙂 🙂 🙂

    It brings back memories of how I became warmed with hope again by having Teri walk with me through a difficult time in my life. Her insights and encouragements to walk in the path of devotion to Christ have had a huge impact on our family’s life.

    Go on for Christ, young Mum who wrote the awesome diary!!! It’s a great example to us all…


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