The Missouri River Floods

Our town is nestled right on the bank of the Missouri River. Nebraska is one state north of us, and they’ve had devastating flooding, which translates to our area experiencing some.

After we moved to Leavenworth, there was the Flood of ’93. Since that, we had major flooding only one other time (in 2011). But, here we are again, and the waters have risen to flood stage. Thankfully, it hasn’t seriously impacted things except for flooding some roads, and impacting a business or two, some city areas, and the park. We joined others from the area Saturday who also looked at the flood.

Watching the river swiftly fly by at a speed many times its normal flow felt sobering. One would not want to be caught in the middle of a flood.

Are any of our readers affected by flooding?


Saturday morning, we girls ran down to the park. Normally, we can walk all the way out past the railroad tracks into the park, but that is completely covered with water.

“Save me, O God; for the waters are come
in unto my soul. I sink in deep mire, where
there is no standing: I am come into deep waters,
where the floods overflow me.”
Psalm 69:1-2

16 thoughts on “The Missouri River Floods”

  1. Not this flood, but our church and radio site flooded during Hurricane Florence and Michael. We lost several mission/staff houses. But God is good and we are finally recovering! You can’t even tell there was a flood!

  2. We live in California and our parks near by have been closed for about a month now due to flooding. But we are so Thankful to God for the rain here in California!

  3. In south Louisiana, do to the gulf, there is a lot of hurricanes and flooding, but we live in a no flood zone thankfully, so all we get is a sloshy yard. When I was a baby we flooded during Katrina, and after that my parents decided they’d never live in a flood zone again.

  4. Fargo,ND is preparing for a major flood. Again. Last flood was 2009. Serious stuff!

  5. Glad your family is safe! Our area was impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We lost several family heirlooms when our storage unit took on 4 feet of water but my family and I were spared. My best friend gave birth in the middle of the storm which was terrifying but thankfully everyone is ok!

  6. I’m up in Nebraska, near Omaha. Thankfully my house did not get flooded, but for several days my town was basically an island, with all roads in and out of town covered with flowing water. It really has been a mess up here!

  7. My father’s family is from Nebraska, and farm that my great-great-grandfather homesteaded is owned by my dad’s cousin. The farm has been devastated, to the point my cousin fears this will mean he loses the farm. Much of his crop has been ruined, along with his feed storage, and many of his animals have died. He’s doing what he can to salvage something, but it’s not looking good. Just one bad year can end a family farm, and this is not good. Other members of our family, who live more in town, have lost their homes and most of their possessions. They are staying at shelters now, but wish they could go back to their homes to see if they can salvage anything. They are grateful, though, to have their lives, as sadly several people have died from the flooding.

  8. I guess (?) hopefully that amount of water means summer won’t be too dry. But I hope you all are quite safe!!

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