Overcoming Procrastination

Just do it. The simple cure for overcoming procrastination is just to do it. Recently, there was something I had put off for a few months. That something was giving a gift to a neighbor who had helped me. It occasionally came to mind, which made me feel guilty but just as promptly, with an excuse, I’d push it out of my thoughts. I’d get to it sometime. Last week, as I again had the thought, I realized, This is ridiculous. I can deal with this right now. No more putting it off.

I got the gift ready, put it in a bag, and walked over to their house. It took me all of 15 minutes to get the project done. You know how nice it felt to have that behind me? Really awesome.

Now, granted, not all things one procrastinates on are as simple as a 15-minute project. But with time set aside and on your schedule, it can be whittled down bit by bit. For example, maybe it’s personal correspondence you’re behind on (weak area for me). I’ll write on my schedule to answer one or two, and then it feels great to make progress.

So, there you have it. Some mid-week ponderings on overcoming procrastination! Just do it.


Smiles for you from cousins Lydia and Bethany

Boast not thyself of to morrow;
for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”
Proverbs 27:1

14 thoughts on “Overcoming Procrastination”

  1. Dear Sarah,

    this is an area of great struggle for me as well!

    What I find keeps me “self-accountable” is writing it down. Maybe in list form, maybe just as a post-it note. But seeing it in black-and-white/on paper really helps me. Plus, you have the satiafying feeling of crossing it off the list once you’re done!

    And, yes, in the end it’s a matter of just do it!

    Many blessing,


  2. Wonderful advice! Wednesday is always a tough one for me, especially when down with allergies. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. I read an article by Elisabeth Elliot last week. Her motto was DO THE NEXT THING. This was the attitude she took on as she went back to Equidor to continue the ministry with a small child after her husband had been martyred. Talk about perspective!! I have lots of growth to work on in this area. Your post is a reminder as well. Thank you for sharing your thought Sarah!!

    1. I loved listening to Elisabeth Elliots’ Gateway to Joy radio program when I was a young mom. So great that her books, articles, and programs are still available today. I remember her emphasizing “do the next thing.” She often repeated that to us. I also remember sitting in my living room practically in tears because I had so many next things to do and couldn’t decide which one to get up and do. That was part of the beginning of my scheduling adventure. The schedule told me what my next thing was. Loved that!

  4. thats why it was time for me to jot it down after i finished the project or things to do…so i say i did it. if i finish something i pamper myself. hahaha

  5. That’s a really helpful reminder. I sometimes get overwhelmed because I have so much to do, and I know realistically I can’t do it all (at least not at one!) so I panic and stress out. What often helps is to remember that I DON’T have to do it all, but I CAN do something. “Chip away,” if you will. Something is always better than nothing! Responding to 5, 3, emails, even 1 email is better than responding to none 🙂

    1. Great thoughts, Katie! And yes, stressing out doesn’t help; it just makes one feel more pressured trying to accomplish everything! Good job on just doing the next thing!

  6. This reminds me of a piece of advice Teri gives in the Managers book. Setting a timer for 15 minutes to do things we don’t think we have time for. After a few of those “15 minutes” whether it be once a day or once a week, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

  7. So true. If you just do it, your done! Lol. As they saying goes, never put off til tomorrow what you can do today.

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