The Power of a Homeschool Schedule

Last week I spent a morning homeschooling some of my grandchildren while Melanie took a child to a doctor’s appointment in Kansas City. You know what? It wasn’t hard because Melanie has a solid homeschool schedule in place. All I needed to do was consult the schedule posted on the refrigerator, and then follow it. The children are used to the schedule, so they know what they are to do as well. They had even figured out how to compensate for the child who was gone for the doctor’s appointment and wouldn’t be there for her 1/2 hour playtime with Andrew and Benjamin!

Each child’s school morning is structured and interesting. The power of a schedule during our homeschooling years was vital for our success, and now it is blessing my grandchildren’s lives with productivity, direction, and peace (although I know it isn’t always peaceful with little children).

Trusting in Jesus,

Such a cute trio
This little guy is almost 2!
Drew reading to me

“Children’s children are the crown of old men;
and the glory of children are their fathers.” Proverbs 17:6

8 thoughts on “The Power of a Homeschool Schedule”

  1. My mom was an elementary school teacher, and when I was little I used to sit with her in her classroom before and sometimes after school. I noticed that she would write out extremely detailed lesson plans/schedules for every single day, and I wondered why because she had been teaching since long before I was even born, surely she knew what to teach at that point! When I asked she told me that it was so if she ever got sick/had to miss a day, that the substitute would know exactly what to do. I always thought that was so considerate! And now, I’m a big planner/schedule person myself. They definitely help things to go more smoothly!

  2. Hi,
    I love scheduling myself. Although I’m not a home schooling Mom, I like to set up a fun-teaching schedule for my kids during the school holidays so they are still learning. I wonder could you publish a typical school day schedule for the kids as an example of how you manage it so well, Thks, M.

  3. Cute! I noticed the ogo disks in the pictures. We have those too. They are a lot of fun. Although we can’t pop the ball back and forth more than twice. Lol

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