Grandpa and Grandma’s Christmas Gifts

Mom and Dad gave a very sweet practical gift to Abby, Betsy, and Tina for Christmas: Hobby Lobby gift cards. But it had an extra perk. Included with the gift cards was a shopping trip to spend them with Mom and Anna and Mary plus lunch out. Each girl picked out what they wanted to spend their money on.


Mom and Abby
Anna and Bethany
Bethany and Mary

“Every man according as he purposeth in his heart,
so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity:
for God loveth a cheerful giver.”
2 Corinthians 9:7

24 thoughts on “Grandpa and Grandma’s Christmas Gifts”

  1. What a Lovely day out! My daughter is 10 and just loves making pretty things. I’ve promised her to get her own sewing box for her birthday. You’ve given me the idea to have a mum/daughter shopping trip to choose what goes in it. Clara

    1. That sounds like a great birthday present from the sewing box to the shopping trip to pick out its contents. We sure enjoyed our shopping outing. Having my girls along allowed each of us to help one granddaughter with her purchase decisions. Each granddaughter already knew how she wanted to spend her gift card. Because Bethany wanted to learn to paint, Mary was her natural helper.

  2. Wonderful idea!! My daughter and I love Hobby Lobby. The girls are really growing up. It looks like you all had a fun time and created some memories.

    1. Yes, the girls are growing up, and that means they can do craft projects on their ow. They also have interests that vary from girl to girl. Love seeing their individuality blossom.

  3. i never knew about hobby lobby until 2 weeks ago…. love their decor collection. i recently purchased some items online.

    have a great time.

  4. The gift of time and investing in your grandchildrens’ gifts is a great way to bless them. It is so crucial to be intentional about how to be a godly influence.

    1. We worked to make the most of our 40% off coupons, too, since we live 30 miles from Hobby Lobby and our schedule didn’t allow us to wait for the best sales in all of what the girls were looking for.

  5. OH, how wonderful! We love practical gifts too! The children’s aunt and uncle gave them the same gift! We had a wonderful time going to HL and each child got to pick their gift out as well. It was their first time able to do that and the excitement was very contagious! A pizza hut gift card was given to the whole family too so we were able to go there afterwards and enjoy pizza. It really is a treasure to us to be able to go out, and our children love it and are so thankful. Glad I am able to stay home and help their hearts be content; so when we are able to go out you see and hear REAL GRATITUDE! Colossians 3:17 Love to all the Maxwells!

  6. I love “experience” gifts. My parents live far away, so I’ll often send them tickets to their local symphony or ballet or gift cards to “fancy” restaurants they wouldn’t otherwise treat themselves to, and I love how my mom will email me a full recap of the fun they had! This also reminds me of when I was little and my grandpa and grandma would take me and my sister to craft stores on days off from school — I don’t even think Hobby Lobby existed back then, but we would look for craft supplies at a similar local store and then go home and do the projects with them after. Those are still some of my favorite memories to look back on. It’s nice to see kids today enjoying a similar outing with their grandma!

  7. What a great idea!

    Can we also get the inside scoop on what they decided to buy with the gift cards? I am sure it would inspire other similarly-aged children to endeavor in projects and the like 🙂

    Many blessings,


    1. Bethany got a package of canvases for painting, brushes, and acrylic paint. It was a huge blessing to have a knowledgeable artist with us to direct her decisions.

      Christina and Abby got card making supplies – paper, blank cards, washi tape, stickers, ribbon, and rubber stamps. Their personality and tastes came through in the particular items they chose.

  8. Thanks for this post. Thanks for the ideas. i purchase few sets of blank canvas for myself and for my niece.

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