The 2500 Blog Post Celebration Giveaway

We’re giving away 5 gift bundles, and each one has these 4 items: Henry and the Great Society, Finding Change, Simple Faith CD, and Just Around the Corner: Volume 1.

Titus2 Blog Giveaway, 5 sets of the above books and CD

Henry and the Great Society – This fictional, short, heart-rending story is a dynamic read illustrating the futility of pursuing a high consumption lifestyle.

Finding Change – We couldn’t resist including my newest book, which I’m still super excited about.

Simple Faith CD – This CD is a perfect listen for families. It’s a beautiful blend of voices and instruments. My favorite song on the CD just might be Daddy on His Knees, but Give Us Rain could be a close second.

Just Around the Corner: Volume 1 – Almost 400 pages of practical little nuggets for dads and moms written when my parents were in the trenches homeschooling their kids. These are bite-size encouragement, for just that few minutes you have free–say when brushing your teeth? 🙂

Rules for entering the 2500 Titus2 Blog Post Giveaway

Leave a comment below with either why you like the Titus2 blog or something you appreciate about a Titus2 resource.

Entry limited to one comment per person (but individuals in a family are all welcome to enter separately).

Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 6th, at midnight, Central Time. Five winners will be selected randomly from the comments, and you’ll be emailed for your name and address.

Entries are not limited to the United States, but out of the 5 gift sets, we’re designating 1 for an international reader, due to the cost of postage. The first international reader to be drawn will be the winner, and if out of the other 4, there are more, we will re-draw for United States winners.

International readers: please leave your country name in some part of your comment, so we know that’s where you are from!

We reserve the right not to post any comment or entry.

Happy 2500 Blog Post Anniversary!

“No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life;
that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.”
2 Timothy 2:4

208 thoughts on “The 2500 Blog Post Celebration Giveaway”

  1. I appreciate the focus on raising a godly family that you have. Seeing your family grow and trust God through the day to day of life is an encouragement to me. You have blessed me!

  2. Have totally enjoyed the focus on the Bible and Christ in your posts. Scriptural based principles to rear children and have a peaceful home are wonderful to learn and be reminded of. Philippines

  3. My oldest son is 18, and I’ve been using your resources since he was a baby. My daughter has enjoyed reading all of Sarah’s books, but we haven’t bought the newest one yet.

  4. I have followed the blog and your family for the full 12 years and have the “Manager” books. Always inspiring with a Christ centered focus. Thanks for sharing, Maxwell family!

  5. There is so much to like. We enjoy seeing a glimpse into a family that lives for the Lord Jesus Christ and how you put it into action; projects, advice, life events and pictures, lots of pictures. Everyone in our family has been blessed by the Titus 2 resources from how-to books, devotionals, your music CD, audios and children’s books.

  6. Our homeschooling journey wasn’t an easy one. I see so much of ‘me’ in my children, and thankful that God is gracious. He saved me out of His mercy.
    Your blog is such a blessing that draw me more on my knees.

  7. There is much I appreciate about your family’s ministry over the years…the Moody books, the practical help for parents and your hearts that long to honor the Lord in your family. Thank you for sharing your time and energy!

  8. I have bought many Managers of Their Homes for struggling moms -both homeschoolers and nonhomeschoolers.

  9. What I appreciate most about the Titus 2 blog and emails is Terri’s level of maturity. Having no probably older women in my life, I appreciate the stability of Steve and Teri’s long marriage, and the wisdom they’ve gleaned over these years of raising and home educating their children. Terry is a true older woman in the most biblical of senses!

  10. I have loved the inspiration my children have received from reading the moody books, and the joy evident in your whole familys’ lives. Jodie from australia

  11. I have found your blog to be a great encouragement specially since most of my family’s beliefs have changed, just want to say thank you to Sarah for a post she did quite awhile back on embracing the desert my family’s beliefs had just changed and I was/am quite lonely but am now trying to embrace where I am in this journey, thank you so much!

  12. I am so grateful for the reminders to be faithful in discipling our children, and the help in identifying character issues.

  13. Since first learning of you and your ministry 16-17 years ago, I have always been blessed by your purposeful parenting. Instead of just letting life happen and going with the flow and addressing problems as they arise, you have planned ahead, anticipated issues that would arise and trained to avoid problems. Thank you for being a great example, for being faithful in what God’s given you to do, and for being stedfast and perseverant in sharing your lives and lessons with the world. May God continue to lead, guide and bless you all!

  14. I have long enjoyed the encouragement of your family’s ministry, and your blog posts always make me feel so “normal”! Our family is often seen as radically different, so that’s a refreshment I need!

  15. The Titus2 blog is a blessing to me because it positively influences my 9 year old daughter 🙂
    The only non-school website we allow her to view and read (along with Mommy) is your blog. I am never concerned about inappropriate content or views which are not aligned with the Bible. The MOST wonderful thing is that she gets to see all these girls, teenagers, and women acting out the Biblical plan for each season of life; the boys and men too! Additionally, every female pictured on your the blog is modest with a focus of beauty from within which comes from an obedient and loving heart. And she loves it!!

    Thank you Maxwell Family! The Blessings of the Lord be upon your entire family.

  16. Over the years I have found Titus2 to be a source of spiritual and practical encouragement as a homeschooling mom of eight. The emphasis on hiding the Word in our hearts and praying for help in challenging situations has been very helpful.

  17. Coming to the Titus 2 blog is like having a visit with some friendly neighbors. My nieces were young when I first found this blog and since I would often buy books for them, I bought the Moody series and shared it with them.

  18. Congratulations on your 2500th post! I appreciate all the practical and Godly advice and daily life posts you all share her on the blog! It is an encouragement to me, and I also love the Moms corner newsletter each month.

  19. Been following your blog for SO many years! Thank your for your encouragement and godly resources. My daughters have LOVED reading (and re-reading over and over) Sarah’s books…and I’ve enjoyed all of the rest of your resources. Praying blessings over your beautiful family.

  20. The books and articles I read from Titus 2 are always encouraging and help me through my homeschooling struggles. I really dont think I would accomplish so much, if I didnt have the help from so many of your books.

  21. I have enjoyed your resources for 12 years. Two of my four children are adults now and much of the good fruit in their lives is a result of your helpful, Biblical advice. Thank you.

  22. I bought Managers of Their Homes last fall. After much prayer, I was able to complete the daily schedule and we started using it in January. It has helped our family so much, for everyone to see what they should be doing. Even our developmentally delayed preschool daughter says, “what does the schedule say?”! She always likes to know what will happen next!

  23. Words cannot express how much your books and ministry have sharpened my Christian walk as a mother!!! Thank you for giving to the Lord through your family’s time, books ,and ministry!

  24. To me and my family, these books would be what the world would say”New York Times” best seller! I like to say best seller to my soul! Lord, thank you for Titus2ministries! I happened to be reading a friends blog yrs ago and she mentioned you. I looked you all up and my heart was overjoyed! I have gotten books for myself, my husband and my children. I was a little nervous that my children and husband may not enjoy them. (I sometimes am the odd duck in the family) but they all enjoyed them very much! They learned and were encouraged. My daughter still reads the Moody books over and over! Thank you! Well done Maxwells!!
    I will have to look, I did not know there was a study guide for a meek and quiet spirit? (I go back to this book from time to time) God Bless


  25. I appreciate that you all dress modestly. I do not have to worry about what comes up on my computer when I am on your blog. It is so sad when even Christians dress like the world now.

  26. I’ve been following your blog for several years now and I appreciate your family so much. I enjoy reading the encouraging posts, as well as the thought-provoking, challenging ones. My younger brothers have read most of Sarah’s books. Keep up the good work, Maxwells!

  27. This would be so fun to win! I just love the encouragement I get from Titus 2 blog…..thank you.

  28. I first bought your three Manager (Home, School and Chores) books five years ago. I read bits a pieces of each and prayed for God’s will and order in our lives. It has taken a while but I am proud to say I have a functioning Schedule-breeze schedule to keep the day on track BUT what is the most remarkable thing is my perfectionism is melting away. I think why it took me so very long to keep a schedule is my rigidity and defeatism. Now I have grown into a vessel who can roll with the waves and not freak out if the ship steers North when I have South written down. Thanks so much! Irene

  29. From your blogs to your books, your family continues to be a blessing to our family. Thank you for being such a shining light! God bless you!

  30. Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit will likely always be my very favorite resource, but your blog and the Mom’s Corners have had an incalculable influence in my life and on our home. By sharing glimpses into your lives and sharing HIS truths in your various writings, you’ve provided valuable discipleship during crucial times in my development as a mother. My husbands also appreciates Steve’s e-mails to fathers. THANK YOU for all you do, and congratulations on this blogging milestone!

  31. I appreciate your authenticity, encouragement, and joy in the Lord, as well as your witness of loving Jesus by loving your family—siblings, parents, nieces, nephews—and purposing to live for Him by serving one another. Thank you for all of the above!

  32. I’ve been reading Titus 2 Mom’s Corners for about 8 years now. I always look forward to them and have learned so much. Thank you!

  33. I’ve been reading your blog for many years now. Your encouragement has been such a breath of fresh air in our home, family and homeschool.

  34. Teri Maxwell and her ministry is truly a gift from God. In a desperate time of need in my life, she took the time to respond to my heart cry emails for help. I never expected a reply from her, but what I received was truly from God. Her thorough emails spoke truth and conviction to my heart that could have only came from the Holy Spirit. She gave me practical things I could apply to my daily schedule and encouragement for my heart to hang on to. The Lords work in her life is undeniable and she speaks with such widsom and knowledge of the scriptures. I’m so thankful for her ministry and the work she is doing for God’s kingdom. I pray He will continue to bless her and her family as He uses them in mighty ways!!

  35. I have been reading your blog for several years. I have found many nuggets of wisdom that has helped me in my parenting and being a wife and mom. Thanks for sharing Gods wisdom in ways we can understand

  36. We have used Titus 2 resources for 20 years now. Wow! Books, CD’s, conference, blog… Thank you so much for all you do.

  37. I have enjoyed the godly wisdom shared through your blog. It encourages me to do and be better.

  38. I am thankful for the practical, Godly wisdom that you share with us and the encouragement that you offer! Thank you!


  39. We just Started homeschooling three years ago. I enjoy reading your mom’s corner and my husband reading Steve’s column.

  40. So thankful to have found this website! I appreciate the practical advice and encouraging as i’m entering homeschool with kids little kids. Looking forward to opening my copy of Managers of Their Homes.

  41. My introduction to your resources was receiving Homeschooling with a meek and quiet spirit from some friends who had completed their homeschool journey. Immediately after finishing, I hopped online to see how the Maxwell family was faring these days. I was not disappointed! So often I see Christian families who put out great resources, but years down the road their kids are not what I want to raise mine to be. I am impressed with the modest, hard-working, Christ-honoring family you are!
    Thank you for your ministry. I’d love to read Sarah’s books to my children soon.

  42. I love your blog because I love reading about your family and all of the grandkids. 🙂 Also, my siblings and I adore your books – they are so exciting, especially when you don`t know what will happen next. All of you are a great example to us, so thank you!

  43. I’ve been reading your blog since my oldest was a baby. She’s 11 now. God has certainly used your family to shape our lives. Thank you for your ministry.

  44. It’s a blessing to see you as a family working together and serving the Lord. It encourages me in my relationship with my parents and siblings.
    The book of yours that has helped me the most is Homeschooling with a Meek and Quite Spirit. Even though I’m not a mom, it has helped me as I teach my younger siblings.
    I also greatly appreciate that Titus2 is a safe-site. I Never have to worry about ungodly language or pictures.

  45. Thank you Maxwell family for sharing all that you do! Your posts have been a blessing to read, to learn from, and to just enjoy. It is something I look forward to reading throughout the week. May God continue to bless your family and ministry.

  46. The blog posts always seem to be just the encouragement our family needs at that time.
    Our kids love the Moody books, and have read them many times over. We look forward to our next group of readers being able to enjoy them, too.

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