The 2500 Blog Post Celebration Giveaway

We’re giving away 5 gift bundles, and each one has these 4 items: Henry and the Great Society, Finding Change, Simple Faith CD, and Just Around the Corner: Volume 1.

Titus2 Blog Giveaway, 5 sets of the above books and CD

Henry and the Great Society – This fictional, short, heart-rending story is a dynamic read illustrating the futility of pursuing a high consumption lifestyle.

Finding Change – We couldn’t resist including my newest book, which I’m still super excited about.

Simple Faith CD – This CD is a perfect listen for families. It’s a beautiful blend of voices and instruments. My favorite song on the CD just might be Daddy on His Knees, but Give Us Rain could be a close second.

Just Around the Corner: Volume 1 – Almost 400 pages of practical little nuggets for dads and moms written when my parents were in the trenches homeschooling their kids. These are bite-size encouragement, for just that few minutes you have free–say when brushing your teeth? 🙂

Rules for entering the 2500 Titus2 Blog Post Giveaway

Leave a comment below with either why you like the Titus2 blog or something you appreciate about a Titus2 resource.

Entry limited to one comment per person (but individuals in a family are all welcome to enter separately).

Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 6th, at midnight, Central Time. Five winners will be selected randomly from the comments, and you’ll be emailed for your name and address.

Entries are not limited to the United States, but out of the 5 gift sets, we’re designating 1 for an international reader, due to the cost of postage. The first international reader to be drawn will be the winner, and if out of the other 4, there are more, we will re-draw for United States winners.

International readers: please leave your country name in some part of your comment, so we know that’s where you are from!

We reserve the right not to post any comment or entry.

Happy 2500 Blog Post Anniversary!

“No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life;
that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.”
2 Timothy 2:4

208 thoughts on “The 2500 Blog Post Celebration Giveaway”

  1. The Titus 2 resources have been an amazing blessing and help to me as a young mother not knowing how to get things put together. These resources are wonderful tools! Thank you! Joy

  2. I read because it is a good reminder that all of us are working together in this world with an important purpose – to share Jesus through every part of our daily lifestyles!

  3. I have been reading your blog for years, and I have loved seeing your family change and grow over that time. No matter how much your family changes, it’s so heartwarming to see Christ always stay at the center of everything in life. As my own family is changing to now include a teenager, I hope they grow in the faith as your family has. Thank you for the encouragement!

  4. I feel like I’ve grown up with your children! I’m now married & have little ones, so enjoy reading back on older blog posts that are now more relevant for me 🙂

    New Zealand

  5. Hello , My Family and I purchased the Moody Family books and read the whole series together now I love to follow along with your blog and reading your lovley messages and looking at the beautiful photos. We love your books and love looking at the blog you have some encouraging messages , we are from Australia !

  6. Our family is new to your blog but loving it! Thank you for the truth. Our 12 yr. old daughter would love your book, Sarah, and my husband and I would love the other resources.

  7. So many of your resources have been an incredible help to me. MOTH and MOTC have helped me manage my home much more effectively, though I am still a work in progress. Many other books and audios have given me great insight as as I am raising my children. Lastly, the blog is a great source of encouragement, as I can see the principles in your books played out on a daily basis.

  8. I love reading from your blog about what y’all do as a Christian family to help others and one another. I also appreciate Sarah’s Moody books and latest book (Finding Change), a Christian resource I can trust and let my 6 year old daughter read and learn. Thank you. From Singapore!

  9. I just love watching the children! Since I have been lurking about for a while, I remember when Abby was the only grandchild and she holds a special place in my heart! I am in Georgia! (US, not E. Europe!)

  10. I appreciate the Titus 2 ministry and products because they are all centered around strengthening the family and focusing on leading a life loving and serving Jesus. Places to find that encouragement are rare! Thank you!! We appreciate you!!

  11. The Titus 2 ministry has been a blessing! Your book raising sons to provide for a single income family has been a blessing ,

  12. I’m so thankful for your ministry, this blog, and the Sarah’s children’s books. I’ve enjoyed reading them since I was 6 years old, and now I enjoy reading them to joyanna as well. Thank u so much for all u guys do! Y’all r an amazing family!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. I love your blog as a Godly encouragement as I’m navigating my time as an engaged lady and thinking about priorities for my future family one day.

  14. Finding change is a great book. Me and my sister had a lot of fun reading it. I liked the Moody books a lot too.

  15. The Moody Series have been a great encouragement to me! I loved that the characters were respectful and helpful and always pointing others to the Lord! That really encouraged me and I will always be thankful for the Moody Series!
    I also have greatly enjoyed reading your blog! My family has tried some of your recipes and loved them! Thank you so much for all you do to encourage others! Keep up the great work!
    “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

  16. I really like ideas I get from your blog. I also really like “The Moody’s Summer”, that Miss Sara wrote.

  17. I love that the blog is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration for Christian living. Everything y’all do points readers to Jesus Christ. I’ve taken several tools from the blog and applied them in my life this year. My relationships with my husband and children have grown greatly in love and joyful service for the glory of God!

  18. I got started reading your updates through Chelsy’s marriage to John. I enjoy your blog, though I’ve never gotten any of your literature, but Sarah’s books look interesting! Something I think my children would enjoy. I appreciate the strong family values.

  19. I enjoy reading the blog. Im encouraged by the families demonstration of faith, home schooling, travel,daily life, love for children and how you live for Jesus.

  20. Oh my goodness – I just heard about all ya’ll from the Samaritan newsletter and LOVED everything you are about. Praise God for your ministry! I would absolutely be stoked to win some products as I am a newbie to your incredible resources. Already, I have been encouraged by your blog and look forward to getting to know your sweet family, your story, and how God has used you to love on and bless others! Thank you!!

  21. I love Titus 2’s joyful, positive blogs that encourage. The family news always lift me up. It is so good to see families together and enjoying their children.

  22. I started reading your blog after my older children got to know John through work. What an encouragement and blessing to us to see other families trying to live according to Biblical standards rather than world standards that are so immoral. Enjoy all the blog entries and I know we would enjoy your books as well. May God continue to bless your efforts!

  23. This is so generous, thank you for the opportunity! We like so many different resources you all have. My kids love the Moody series. We’ve already gotten halfway through it. 🙂 And I can see a difference in my 6 year old, who memorizes everything. We wanted him to memorize the RIGHT things; because he kept picking up on silly little punch lines and catch phrases. Now he’s picking up on morals that we have been instilling in him–they are being reinforced in the books. 🙂

    My husband and I have also enjoyed the books and CD’s from the mega pack on your website. I really could go on forever…ha, ha. We love it all. 🙂

  24. As a family we have enjoyed all the Moody books. My children couldn’t wait for the new ones to come out. Because we are in Canada sometimes they had to wait longer, until books were available closer to us. I have also been blessed by the books such as Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit, Making Great Conversationalists, and more. I appreciate the down to earth way the books are written and I can tell from the blog that it is just an extension of how you live your lives. Thank you for these resources. They are truly a blessing.

  25. I am a mother of 8 expecting #9 in April from Ontario Canada. I have just started reading the titus 2 posts and am really enjoying them. I have read homeschooling with a meek and quite spirt and was greatly blessed by it thank you for following Gods leading in your writing.

  26. I’ve enjoyed reading about your avenues of sharing the gospel with tangible ways opening up conversations or building relationships with people, like at your local county fair and Christmas caroling.

  27. I’m reading Titus2 because of your genuine Christian way of life and how you display and share your faith in the Lord. It also helps me improve my English as I’ from Germany 🙂

  28. I don’t remember how I found your blog but all I know is that your books and blog have been a huge blessing. Learning to organize my time has been a life Changing experience, even my husband has applied some of what we’ve learned and it has been a blessing. When I look at your family I just hope we can follow your steps and learn from you. God bless you

  29. We love Titus 2 and have used many of the products over the years. We went to one of your conferences in Denver about ten years ago and have really enjoyed the Moody Books. My oldest daughter asked for her own set so she could put them in her hope chest to read to her future children. Thank you for your example and your ministry!

  30. I am so thankful for the blogs, articles and books because they have helped my walk in Christ. I did not have this example or mentoring while growing up or even now as an adult. Thanks for all you do.

  31. I appreciate your organization resources- Managers of their homes and chores have been huge blessings. Thank you!

  32. Hi, I have never commented but want to say that I enjoy reading your blog. Sarah does a wonderful job on it and it is always interesting to me to come on here and see what’s new! Enjoy all the pics as well. I (we) have never read your books and would like to someday! They sure look interesting!

  33. I have been reading your blog for years now. I tried to remember just how long, and all I can come up with is over five years. I am always encouraged, and uplifted by your posts. Your family’s posts have truly been a special blessing to me over the years.

  34. I have learned a lot from the ministry. I am grateful for many things. The Managers of Their Homes book was tremendously helpful in getting order in our life. The Moody books are a favorite in our home. Lately, I really like the blog posts on Grandma’s bookbag since it can be hard to find wholesome clean books. Thank you my friends!

  35. Our family is greatly blessed by the Maxwell Family. I especially thank the Lord for the time spent (by your family) in prayer on our behalf. Your blog is wonderful. The literature fantastic, but the prayer is most nurturing.
    May the Lord Bless you all!

  36. I have found the insights from Titus2 a blessing to me as a daughter of God, a mother of 5 and a wife and I’m homeschooling my children.

  37. Though I’ve never met you, I appreciate the sincere heart obedience your family demonstrates to God & His word. I have been blessed reading some of your books & would love to order more someday. The books and articles are always a huge inspiration to me as a young homeschooling mom. My children loved moody book 1 as well. God bless you with grace, wisdom and endurance as you continue to bless others.

  38. Your family, ministry&blog have been inspiring to me over the years. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  39. I love the encouraging blog posts, especially the random life posts. We get to peek into your intentional Christian lives and be inspired.
    Our family has loved reading the Moody books. Everyone has read them and they have been a read-aloud a couple times as well! They are such a good example to kids and refreshing, clean books.

  40. I appreciate the Bible-based wisdom shared on your blog posts, and our whole family has enjoyed reading through the Moody book series. God’s blessings to the Maxwells and Titus2 ministries…

  41. We read because we have learned so much from your family and we love the support and encouragement we get from all of you!

  42. Hi! I have heard good reviews about ‘Managers of your home’ and hopefully buy all the manager books as well as others from your collection. I am from India and just going to start homeschooling my toddler.

  43. I find this blog a breath of fresh air and so encouraging. It is also fun to keep up with your sweet growing family. Such a nice change of pace from most of the world around us.

  44. My kids and I enjoy reading your blog posts, especially the ones that show pictures of all the children and babies. We don’t comment often, but we have been following for many, many years now. We own the entire Moody series and several other Titus2 books about homeschooling and parenting. Also, we have purchased CDs that you sale. It is a blessing to us that even as your children have grown up, they have all remained the same in their faith and standards.

  45. I recently found your blog this past summer. I love how close your family is and how close your family is with the Lord. As a wife and mother of two little ones (3 and 1) I loves getting new ideas on how to raise them to be stronger Christians through your blog! Thank you for your ministry and for letting us into your lives. God Bless!

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