Celebrating 2500 Titus2 Blog Posts!

This post is number 2500!

Through 2500 posts in 12 1/2 years, here are some interesting stats for you. Don’t miss our very special giveaway, which will appear as a separate post here on the blog, at 8am, Central Time.

What Has Happened in 12 Years

This is the family when we started!

Our family almost tripled in size, from 11 people to 27, but really 28, as we count Melanie’s baby due in May (and with Susannah, we’d have 29).

The Maxwell Family Now!

3 got married

5 kids graduated from homeschool high school, and Mom completed 30 years of homeschooling!

14 grandchildren have been born

15 books and 1 short story have been published.

We have had readers in almost every country!

We traveled and gave over 200 conferences. It was like you traveled the country with us through reading reports and seeing pictures!

The longest break ever in our posting was three weeks, after losing Susannah. I honestly wasn’t sure how to just pick up again with “normal” posts. The Lord gave grace, and slowly, we worked back into posting.

You watched Maxwell brothers purchase their homes debt-free!

To cap it off, a stat on you! You’ve left us 27,724 comments, and we’re grateful for them.

Your Favorite Posts

Want to know what are your very favorite posts? Weddings and babies. Yep, it’s true, and we love weddings and babies too. But, beyond those, here are some other top posts:

7 Reasons Why I Plan to Homeschool My Children (by Jesse)

Debt-Free: Content in Christ Series (by Steve)

The Blessing of Reversal Babies (by Sarah)

Appliances: Black or Stainless Steel (by Teri) and A follow up: 8 years later what we used

Am I Going to College? (by Anna)

Simple Meal Ideas for Homeschool Moms

Thank you for being such loyal Titus2 blog readers. It’s our joy to share our hearts and lives with you.


The Steve Maxwell Family

“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”
1 Thessalonians 5:24

32 thoughts on “Celebrating 2500 Titus2 Blog Posts!”

  1. Adorable! But what about Ellie? I am sure she “completes” your family in a wonderful way.
    Thank you for sharing over the years, Sarah!

    1. Yes, we love Ellie, and when we started the blog we had a Golden Retriever named Honey. Plus there is Arnold. Lots more important events and special things in our lives during these blogging years.

      1. You’re welcome, and thank you for doing this!
        A quick question- is there a picture session for Axton in the near future?

  2. Thank you Maxwell family for blog and all books ,it such encouragement .Thank you for all time you put forth serve others. MY favs also been babbies and weddings plus animals and all above

  3. Congratulations, what an achievement. I can hardly believe I have “known” you for so long. Your family is such a blessing to my family and so many more. Thank you for sharing yourselves, and your faith.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Tiffany. We are very grateful for the investment Sarah makes in the blog. She is so faithful to pray about and look for content for it and then invest the hours it takes to write the posts and get photos for them.

  4. Congratulations on 2500 blog posts. We love reading your posts and watching your family grow. Yall have been a blessing to us. May God continue to bless your family.

  5. Amazing! Thank you for your ministry and your continued blogging. It has blessed our family and I am certain countless of others.

  6. I love this! It’s amazing to see how your family and ministry has grown. Thanks for doing this encouraging Christ-centered blog.

  7. I started following your blog just before Susannah was born. My kids were very young then, and now are teenagers. I appreciate your wisdom and your perspective on raising children, homeschooling, and organization. Having not grown up in a home where the Bible was actively taught and lived out, your practical instructions have been very helpful. It’s fun to see a new generation of Maxwell children, and to see the fruit of your investment in your adult children as they raise their own children.

    P.S. Did I mis-count? Even counting John and Chelsy’s new baby and Melanie’s expected baby, I’m coming up short by one in your picture.

  8. Many congratulations!
    Love all the photos.
    What an amazing journey and wonderful family the Lord has made, you encourage and bless us all.
    Thank you!
    Keeping you all in our prayers.
    Much love from our house to yours.

  9. The picture of the 14 grand babies is just too precious and should be turned into a pro-life screen saver. The world needs a reminder of just how precious life is. Especially my state (Virginia ).

  10. What a fun look back!!! I think we first met you in the spring of 2001 – have been reading everything you publish, using your scheduling and chore system all these years, and following along here too! Thank you, beautiful Maxwell family, for ALL you do!

  11. How sweet! I just had to leave a comment because as I was scrolling through, looking at all the old pictures in this post, I recognized a picture of myself! The picture is with Sarah, my mom, and my brother at a homeschool conference in WI many years ago. I used to comment on blog posts all the time as a young tween/teenager, and read all the books Sarah had written up to that point. I remember being VERY excited to finally meet you all in person. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve still checked in regularly, but I haven’t commented in a very long time. I graduated from homeschool in 2016, am a junior in college, and Luke is almost 14 now. I can’t believe how cute and little he is in that picture. 🙂

    Just wanted to send a little note to say hello and wish you God’s continued blessings. Thank you for your dedication and service to the Lord!

    1. I went back to the blog post and found the photo. I think you and your brother have changed quite a bit since that photo! Thank you for sharing your history with our family, ministry, and the blog.

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