Grandma’s Bookbag

These three books are from my toddler/preschooler book bag and are active books that involve the children. When I am reading to multiple children, which is usually the case, they take turns being the “doer” on the page.

Buzzy Bee by Emma – A Slide-And-Seek Book 

Each page on this book asks where Buzzy Bee is and then suggest a possibility. The child puts his finger in a hole to slide a page insert out and show that it isn’t Buzzy Bee hiding there but another insect or animal–until the last page!

Amazing Animals: A Spin & Spot Book

Amazing Animals is an engaging matching book. You spin up an animal on a wheel on each page and then match the animal with the same one on the page. There are eight matches per page, but we usually do three and then move to the next page to keep their interest. For the 2-year-olds, I move the wheel but the 3-year-olds and up can do it themselves.

Noisy Fire Engine Peekaboo!

This is a book where you open the flap and an emergency sound comes out. The sounds are light sensitive so we found you can’t read the book with the sounds unless it is fairly well lit. All the children seem to enjoy this book, but especially the boys. The flap pages are not very sturdy so this book is only read with my supervision to protect those flap pages.

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  1. Teri, thank you for sharing your book bag. I really enjoy the book recommendations. Joshua really likes, train man. We also got digger man and fire engine man by the same author. Looking forward to more recommendations.

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