Our family likes to bake with freshly ground whole wheat. Our faithful mill of many years stopped working last summer to our disappointment. Steve called the company seeking to purchase a replacement part. To our surprise, we were encouraged to send it in as the technician felt it could be covered under warranty.

It was gone 2 weeks and returned to us, postage paid, working properly. It is so rare to have an appliance from a company who truly stands behind its products. If you are like us, we appreciate quality companies and quality products. The NutriMill is available from PleasantHillGrain, a family-owned business (not an affiliate link).

Now we are back to whole wheat tortillas with fresh ground, healthy whole wheat flour for our Sunday family lunch of burritos.

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the
ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth
forth much fruit” (John 12:24). 

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  1. Good to know. We have used a whisper mill since 1998. So if it breaks down, I have an option. I also have been wanting to make my own tortillas so thanks for the encouragement

    1. I have heard of the whisper mill. Is it really quiet? That’s one thing the Nutrimill is not. Sarah is a great whole wheat tortilla maker. We usually have burritos for Sunday lunch when the marrieds are here. Abigail and Bethany help make the tortillas now. The girls are getting to where they can do much of it themselves.

      1. I researched the WhisperMill when I was looking at mills and found that it’s a bit of a misnomer. Maybe it’s a few decibels quieter but milling wheat is going to be loud regardless. They recently changed the name to Wonder Mill.

  2. I have been thinking about getting one of these lately. Are they very loud or messy? Where do you get your wheat berries from?

    1. The Nutrimill is loud. Arnold, the cat, heads for the other end of the house when we grind wheat. They aren’t messy unless you don’t get them put together correctly. Then you can cover your kitchen with a fine white wheat dust! We have gotten our wheat berries from a local co-op, but that recently went away. We haven’t needed more wheat since that happened in 2017. We will probably get wheat like we are currently getting our organic rolled oats – from a Mennonite store several hours from here. We have friends who live in that community so when we know we are getting together they will pick up what we want/need.

  3. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Yes, Nutrimill is a wonderful company, we as well had a similar problem a couple years back and this wonderful company replaced the part for free and the shipping as well. We love milling/grinding our grain and so does our four-year old – he says; “Mama it sounds like a jet plane is taking off in our kitchen!” Electricity has allowed us to do so much more with the time God has given us. Have a wonderful blessed Friday! Love to all of you!

  4. I recently purchased a Nutrimill and I’m so glad to hear that customer service is good! The difference in the taste between fresh-milled and store-bought whole wheat flour is astonishing. I used to force myself to eat whole wheat bread because I knew it was better for me but since we switched to milling our own flour, even the picky eaters in the family enjoy whole wheat bread and rolls!

    1. That’s a great testimony for grinding your own wheat flour. Our bread rises better, too. I think perhaps because we grind it finer than store bought wheat flour.

  5. We have the exact same grinder! Early in our marriage, my husband and I bought it as an anniversary present to each other. We use it regularly and the grinder has continued to work well all of these years. We love making pancakes, waffles, breads, and even cookies, with the freshly ground wheat. We also use ours to grind organic popping corn kernels to make homemade corn bread. Delicious!

    I did call customer service once, and I agree that they are a wonderful company!

    1. We like to keep a bag of our wheat flour in the freezer so we can pull it out for things like you use your wheat for – especially pancakes, biscuits, and bread. That way we don’t have to grind/clean up the mill so often.

  6. We had the same experience! My Nutrimill quit working after many, many years of almost daily use, and after contacting the company, they encouraged us to send it in. It was quickly returned in working order. Might even have been a different one, I’m not sure. But it’s been working just fine for many years since! (I do wish it was quieter, though! I put in earplugs and warn everyone on the main floor that I’m going to run it. I clear the house of people quickly as they go upstairs or to the basement in a hurry! ha! Grinding corn is definitely the loudest, but it makes for very yummy cornbread!)

    I have to admit I know all about the flour dusting the entire kitchen if you don’t push the bowl in all the way! I turn it on and walk away to do something else while it grinds. It’s always a startling feeling to come back thinking you’re going to turn it off and begin baking–instead you get to have an impromptu clean up. 😉

    Glad to hear they are still standing by their products so well!

    1. Several other great reports on their superior customer service. Daybreaking also said she grinds corn in her Nutrimill for delicious cornbread. We haven’t done that. I have done the same thing, turn the mill on, go off to do something else, and come back to the cloud of dust in the kitchen and sinking feeling of all the clean up to be done.

  7. Yes, the mess is not so fun. I have tried placing a shield around the Nutrimill to prevent the dusting. And it actually made more work so I just thank the Lord for the machine and wipe it down…so I don’t have to grind it by hand :o). I have to agree on the cornbread too! It’s one of our favorites with chicken chili. Real simple wholesome ingredients. We use 1 cup freshly ground spelt, 1 cup freshly ground corn, 1/3 cup raw local honey, 3 tsp baking powder 3/4 tsp salt, 1 cup buttermilk, 1 egg well beaten, 2 T butter, melted. Spoon into buttered 9″round pan or double with 9 x 13 bake at 400 for 18 – 20 min depending on your oven. If you have a cast iron skillet it works with that or you can do muffins as well! I’m hungry for some cornbread now, we might have to revamp for supper! Blessings to all you lovely moms who are feeding their family nourishing food! Thank you Teri for all your encouragement! God has blessed me more than I can count with your wisdom and virtue! One day I will thank you in person!

    1. I haven’t ever had the wheat dusting with the Nutrimill unless I don’t have that little cup seated well in the grinder. Thank you for the cornbread recipe and for your encouraging words.

  8. That is amazing! We love our NutriMill! My husband always contacts customer service when he has something that breaks to see if he can get a replacement part. Many times they will just send him a new product. He has had his headlamp replaced many times. It is a blessing for sure when a company stands by their products since so many things are made so cheaply. As a side note: We buy our grains (and many other thing) through Azure Standard.

  9. This is so good to know. I’ve been having trouble with my Nutra-Mill but I assumed since I’ve had a a few years and use it daily I just need to replace it. Now I’m going to contact the company first.
    Thank you guys for posting this!


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